Monday, November 30, 2009

the front door

For the last five weeks .. .

I've been Christmas decorating.

I've had so much fun.

I have purchased some new things. .

but mostly I have used up every cherished memento that I've held dear over the years.

On the first advent of 2009. . .

in my year of Jubilee ..

I welcomed friends into my home for an open house.

It was so wonderful.

I met people face to face that I feel I know.

I met people face to face that feel they know me.

I welcomed friends into our home that have never been here before.

It was wonderful.

I enjoyed it more than I ever imagined.

For those of you who didn't come ..

the pictures are forth coming of course.

I may be my beloved's wife .. .

a mom and a grammie. .

but every weekday morning at precisely 4 am PST.

I'm a blogger. . .

and I love it.

All for now. . .

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Advent

Dear Lord Jesus . . .

You know how excited I am for today.

I've hung the boughs of cedar. . .

I've washed my floors clean. . .

I've sewn the ribbons and tied them into bows ..

and now I watch and wait.

May the bungalow be a place where love is felt.. .

where peace is found within.

Thank you Lord for the gift of this day.

Thank you for each guest that comes to the door.

When I think of how I have prepared each room with love. . .

wanting everything to be just right. . .

I think of you ..

and how much more. . .you wait for each of us . . .

to come to you.

I think of how much you must love us . .

and how you came to earth as a wee babe. .

and then died as a sacrificial lamb . .

for everyone.

Lord Jesus. .

I celebrate you today.

You are the reason of this season.

May the blessings of this day reach far beyond what my eyes can see.

For all you have given me. .

I joyfully return this one small thing.

All for now . .

with love,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

A little fondant. . .

rolled through a pasta maker. . .

mini chocolate chips. . .

a few purchased sugar flowers for a barette. . .

and a little pink icing.

Happy 2nd Birthday darling . . ..

Grammie loves you!

My heart is filled with joyful anticipation of this coming weekend. . .

All for now. . .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

new cushions

Do you ever notice how you stop noticing things in your house that are hideous?

Last week one day. . .

as I was doing a tidy of the cushions in the family room. .

I looked at them with new eyes. . .

and I took a trip to the fabric store for new material.

I found this for $2.50 per meter in the discount bin.

A little piping to cover. . .

and a few new pillow forms. .

and voila. .

new cushions.

Details. . .

matter too.

All for now. . .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tree cutting 2009

So anyways. . .

yesterday after chores were done we headed out to go find our tree.

We stopped at Tim Horton's for a sandwich combo which includes a donut.

He said.. . "why are you eating your donut first?"

I said. . ."am I?"

These are the words of a woman battling flu and the determination to keep moving until . . .

everything is just right.

I put down my donut. . .and picked up my sandwich. . .

and laughed.

It is not an easy thing finding an open gated Tree Farm on November 24th.

We drove past several with gates firmly locked. . .whilst the cheery signs on the roadway . ..

gave us the good news that they will be open this coming weekend.

We drove on . . .

wondering if we would have to visit the fake tree store.

It was about this time that I spotted a cheery sign for Frosty's Tree Farm.

They promised to be open this coming weekend.

They had no gate.

I instructed my tree cutter to drive on in. . .

I'd do the talking.

The tree farm fellow was on his yard. .

I explained that I needed a tree today. .

I crunched dollar bills in my pocket. .

and he went to get a brand new saw.

We came home with our tree.

Last I heard. . .

was an announcement from the garage .. .

"it's crooked". . .he said

"If it was perfect. . .everyone would think it was fake". . .I said.

Tomorrow. . .

the lights go on. . .

the ornaments get hung. .

my girlfriends are coming to help with the last of the decorating. . .

and my feet go up.

All for now. .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

free labour and free stuffing's

I've taken to recruiting my care group girls to . . .

come. . .

and join in the decorating fun.

Linda came on Saturday with her van stuffed full of the recent storm stuff that landed on her lawn.

Between her free storm branches and my free storm branches . .

we had plenty of stuff to stuff my barrels and pots.

The Lambs Ear Annuals are still happy in our cool November weather.

Some of you will be busy stuffing turkeys this week ..

don't forget to stuff your pots.

Today is our Tree Cutting down day Date.

All for now. .

Monday, November 23, 2009

Joy and Peace

I have a busy week coming up. .

My motto will be Joy and Peace.

Joy in the tasks. .

and . .

Peace that only the Father can give when things begin to feel too busy.

Have you ever noticed that even the things you look the most forward to. .

can take control of you?

That's a little how I have felt these last few days.

I have wondered if my efforts in decorating the bungalow will be good enough.

I read a perfect quote for me yesterday.

Look not to the people around you,

Nor wait for their laurels of praise;

Enough that the Savior has found you

And call you to serve all your days.


I realized again. . it is not what people think about how the bungalow looks. .

that matters most. .

it is that they feel welcomed . .valued. . .and accepted when they enter through the back door.

All for now. . .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pick a Partner

Could you please hum your favorite square dance music during the next few moments?

Line up .. .big bodies with big caps. . .

A little squirt from the glue gun . . .

and a little poke of wire. . .

. . .I know you might have rather sprung a new baby oak tree. . .

but I found you ..

and now you are mine. .

All for now. .

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Remember the tutorial on Cinnamon Ornaments?

No?. . .well you can find it by cklicking here if you want the recipe.

This year I set about making up some Moose Ornaments.

Moose are all the rage in these parts. .

Poor things. . .
I have no idea how many legs I broke in the process.
I rolled them tooooooo thin for such a leggy decoration.

It was nothing that a little glue couldn't fix.

They've gone to make my fake tree smell a little more like Christmas.

All for now. .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

high season

It occurred to me yesterday that people pay big bucks to see storms.

I'm raising our rates here at the bungalow because it is high season.

Two nights in a row we were treated to high rate storm season.

I think our bungalow guests might be quite impressed with our light and sound system.

Our bedroom light. . .

comes on when the power goes out. .

and the generator comes on.

This coincides perfectly with the alarm going off in the barns to alert the chickens . . .

of the power outage.

It's amazing how quickly one can sit up in bed. .

with the combo light and alarm duet.

I was working in the kitchen yesterday when there was a knock on the door.

It was my flag man. . .

with his flag in disrepair.

The bottom hem was torn from end to end. .

and the tassels had begun.

It's a bit early in winter to begin flag shortening. . .

but what can a girl do?

I zigzagged her up. . .

and she's flying in the breezes again today.

My beloved can't properly blow the leaves into the neighbors property without his flag giving him the proper wind direction for optimal leaf removal.

One more storm. . .

and we'll be leaf free.

All for now. .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yesterday Grandgirlie and I were trying to be domestic divas. . .

but it was hard with color swatches being tossed about ..

and our opinion needed ..

time and time again.

When we grew tired of the discussion. . .

the rod builder retired to his station . .

and consulted the web.

. . .and then .. .
he would come back ..
to consult with us.

The question of color which has been ongoing for several years. .

has been decided.

We stayed home and did our domestic duty in the bungalow. .

and my beloved went to discuss paint colors with the painter.

Dinner was a peaceful event.

The storm continued to rage outdoors. .

but inside the bungalow. .

the discussion was about buns.

It's all good. . .

All for now. .

Monday, November 16, 2009

Racing home the storm

On Friday afternoon I was coming home from town when the sky became very dark. .

and the snow hail started to fall.

Towards home I saw that the sun was shining underneath the clouds as though the sun was already setting and yet it wasn't yet time for the sun to set.

I managed to snap a few pics before the storm blew over.

I should have taken a picture towards the east.. .

but it looked completely dark over there. .

and though it looked wonderfully stormy . .

it would have shown up as night time.

The ground was quite white . . .

and since my beloved wasn't home to once again ask about how firm his December 1 rule is for turning on the outdoor lights. .

and I didn't want to bother him by ringing him up. . .

I flipped the switch. . .

and when he called to say he was on his way home. ..

I flipped it once more. .

It's all good here on the farm. . .

All for now. .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

between seasons

So anyways . . .

I've been "browsing" the Christmas decorations in the stores.

As they put them out. . .

I'm there. . .looking for certain things.

There are lots of decorations . .

so many styles. .

so much to choose from.

Every year I pick up a few things that match the things I already have.

I was asked recently. . .

to describe my Christmas decorating style in one or two sentences.

I thought that would be easy. . .but I had to really think.

I know what I like when I see it but to describe it was harder.

I love retro. . .old things that are now again in style . .

so I am going to say my favorite Christmas decorating style is . . . .

Vintage Chic.

I don't actually own many vintage ornaments but I'm always drawn to decorations that look retro. Perhaps it is memories of hanging one piece of tinsel at a time as a child and then removing it one piece at a time at the end of Christmas that has me forever fond of the things once held dear as a chld.

How about you?

Are you "browsing" the shelves as they are filling them?

I have one firm Christmas decorating rule.

The Nativity Scene is the first thing up. .

and the last thing down. . .

I took out my Fisher Price Nativity Scene yesterday and smiled as Grandgirlie exclaimed with great enthusiasm. . .

"I want Jesus". . .

and kissed the wee babe in the manger with a big smile.

The Nativity Scenes are up. . .the middle of November.

All for now. .

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From Flanders Fields

May 1915 Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote . .

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row. . "

The poppies grow between rows of white crosses and here in Canada the poppy has become a symbol of remembrance for the fallen soldiers who have sacrificed their lives that we might have freedom.

The poppies I have growing in my pots are from seeds brought back from Flanders Fields by a friend.

They bloom in Summer and when they do. . .

I think about the rows of crosses they have originated from.

Today is a day to remember. .
a day to be thankful. .
a day to think of those who live in oppression around the world.
A day to think about what we all can do. .
to make a difference for humanity.
All for now. .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fall rye

I spent all day in my sewing closet yesterday.

Near 4:30. . .I looked outside and paused my sewing.

Every season the raspberries hold a beauty.

The fall rye is growing .. .

the raspberry vines are becoming bare. .

and the leaves from my white birch are all but down.

By the time I finished enjoying my view. .

it was time to vacuum up all the threads of the day. .

and start dinner.

The days seem short. .

and with so many projects on the go. .

the days seem fast as well.

It's all good.

All for now. .

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas in November

This last Friday night. . .
in my year of jubilee. .
I had my first ever limo experience.

Our Care Group. . .
went to see our local Rotary Christmas Home Tour.
The limo ride was so much fun. . .and the tour of the houses was just the thing to put us in the mood for Christmas which is only seven weeks away.
I'm not one to be pining away for houses bigger than our bungalow. .
but this little outdoor feature really had me oohing and aahing.
There were so many great little ideas.
I found myself wondering how many little sticks I'd have to cut from my free stuff in the yard to make that cute tree .
I did love all the Christmas tables set. .
and had a few moments of wondering. .
if I had some Christmas dishes. .
where I could stash them for the other forty - eight weeks of the year.

I loved this little bed tray.
We all know that people don't usually have a bed tray like that unless you happen to be enjoying a luxury inn experience. .
but pretending tea parties is fun. .
even for grown ups.

I enjoyed the big open space in this home.
It was full of tour guests. . .
enjoying appetizers from Milestones and tasting local wines. .
and yet. .
I could take pictures with no people in them.
That wouldn't happen in the bungalow.
(I mentally ticked off the box . .in favour of a bigger bungalow)

It was lovely to see. . . how a bit of sparkly garland could dress up a slab of granite.

The fun part continued to be . . .
having our party friends with us.

This Christmas table was my favorite.
She had a portion of the Christmas Story framed at each place setting.
It is their family tradition to go around the table and each read their part.

If I ever have to give up my bungalow. .
I'd be willing to move here.
Its story book gables ..
were most beautiful.

I loved these moose. .
and thought about the lil' farmhand and his great love of his moosey.

I did a careful inspection of this gorgeous garland . .
and nonchalantly invited our party to a garland making party. .
in the coming weeks.

They said "sure".

None of us wanted to have an upside down Christmas tree in our homes. .
but we did admit that the ornaments hang perfectly.

At the end of the evening. .
we found our way back to the bungalow. .
where we enjoyed a bit of Coconut Layer Cake and coffee and planned our next care group event.
This was a "Good Time" Care Group Social.
We have been a part of a Care Group ever since we married thirty one years ago.
It is just one of many blessings attached to attending a local church.
Our Care Group has had a very sad year . .laying to rest one of our own in February.
The one thing I know for sure is that as long as I live. .
I will always want to be part of a care group.

All for now. .