Racing home the storm

On Friday afternoon I was coming home from town when the sky became very dark. .

and the snow hail started to fall.

Towards home I saw that the sun was shining underneath the clouds as though the sun was already setting and yet it wasn't yet time for the sun to set.

I managed to snap a few pics before the storm blew over.

I should have taken a picture towards the east.. .

but it looked completely dark over there. .

and though it looked wonderfully stormy . .

it would have shown up as night time.

The ground was quite white . . .

and since my beloved wasn't home to once again ask about how firm his December 1 rule is for turning on the outdoor lights. .

and I didn't want to bother him by ringing him up. . .

I flipped the switch. . .

and when he called to say he was on his way home. ..

I flipped it once more. .

It's all good here on the farm. . .

All for now. .


  1. I'm buttoning up for winter, too. Need a new generator...C

  2. Ha! Now that switch flipping is pretty funny. I'm up here enjoying your weather now :0)
    Howling winds last night and I'm pleased the power didn't go out...

  3. Wow...fantastic weather pictures!

    I'm laughing about the switch-flipping, too! That's great! If there was something white on the ground or falling from the sky, I'd be wanting to turn on the Christmas lights, too.

  4. We've been having switch-flippin' weather...but we missed out on the hail over here. I'm wondering which day you can officially touch that switch? Great pic's.

  5. Excellent shots! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Eerie pictures of the sky.I love storm shots.

    What I'm wondering - does t read your blog??

  7. Send that storm right along to us please. Actually, I think you did...we got six inches of snow on Saturday. No lights up yet, but B. did get the ice melt system install on the eaves.

    The big discussion around here about outside lights: Co we put up old fashion almond shaped bulbs or tne new super bright energy efficient LED lights?

    (We're both leaning rogue..the old fashioned ones are in the lead. Guess the earth won't be getting saved by us this Christmas.)

    Too many choices!

  8. Those are amazing photos Lovella! I like the flipping of the switch..grin

  9. Thanks for the giggle this morning.
    It's good to stay "like a child" in certain ways! Life could get pretty dull if we didn't.

  10. Kathie. . .not so much unless I point something out to him . . .I think my switch secret is pretty safe. . and Jill. . we put up energy saving old fashioned looking cone shaped lights. we're good to go.

  11. ooooh snow! That's lovely. And the first peek at Christmas lights was a lovely promise of things to come.

    I'm just waiting for Thanksgiving to finish here before decorating for Christmas. It's late this year!

  12. You're not alone - our lights are burning brightly since Saturday.
    Loving it!


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