First Advent

Dear Lord Jesus . . .

You know how excited I am for today.

I've hung the boughs of cedar. . .

I've washed my floors clean. . .

I've sewn the ribbons and tied them into bows ..

and now I watch and wait.

May the bungalow be a place where love is felt.. .

where peace is found within.

Thank you Lord for the gift of this day.

Thank you for each guest that comes to the door.

When I think of how I have prepared each room with love. . .

wanting everything to be just right. . .

I think of you ..

and how much more. . .you wait for each of us . . .

to come to you.

I think of how much you must love us . .

and how you came to earth as a wee babe. .

and then died as a sacrificial lamb . .

for everyone.

Lord Jesus. .

I celebrate you today.

You are the reason of this season.

May the blessings of this day reach far beyond what my eyes can see.

For all you have given me. .

I joyfully return this one small thing.

All for now . .

with love,


  1. Very well said!...and the sled is nice.

  2. Your bungalow looks ready to welcome everyone home for the season! Good work! I'll be a little slower than normal this year, but soon our house will also be ready to celebrate the holy holiday too!

  3. White Ribbons and Bows ???? Hmmmmm !!! Love your new header
    Blessings to all Love Ruby

  4. Beautifully said,Lovella.
    Enjoy the gift of today and the fruit of your labours.

  5. What a beautiful post Lovella. It doesn't matter our background or how big or lovely our home is, what we have should be used to honor and glorify our Saviour, and to share that with others, loving others, is what He's called us to do.
    Whoever your guests...I think I've missed something in a post somewhere...but I'm sure they'll feel Christ's love in your home whether there are ribbons hung or not.

  6. The beauty He created inside your heart and home is beautifully reflected on the outside(the furnishing and the decorations). It certainly exhibits the peace, joy and purpose that only His life can give.

    Well done post!

  7. Lovella, your posts are always so full of what really matters most....thank you for speaking from the heart and for your thoughtful words.

    I love your new banner photo too; it is very warm and welcoming.

  8. Love, Joy, Peace...may all of these gifts be as thrilling as any gift given or received under a Christmas tree. You bungalow looks wonder-full, and those who reside there ready to share those very gifts.

  9. I loved stopping by your house today, It was great to see you!

    Thanks for opening your home for all of us to enjoy today. It felt like it was filled to the brim with Love and Joy :)


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