high season

It occurred to me yesterday that people pay big bucks to see storms.

I'm raising our rates here at the bungalow because it is high season.

Two nights in a row we were treated to high rate storm season.

I think our bungalow guests might be quite impressed with our light and sound system.

Our bedroom light. . .

comes on when the power goes out. .

and the generator comes on.

This coincides perfectly with the alarm going off in the barns to alert the chickens . . .

of the power outage.

It's amazing how quickly one can sit up in bed. .

with the combo light and alarm duet.

I was working in the kitchen yesterday when there was a knock on the door.

It was my flag man. . .

with his flag in disrepair.

The bottom hem was torn from end to end. .

and the tassels had begun.

It's a bit early in winter to begin flag shortening. . .

but what can a girl do?

I zigzagged her up. . .

and she's flying in the breezes again today.

My beloved can't properly blow the leaves into the neighbors property without his flag giving him the proper wind direction for optimal leaf removal.

One more storm. . .

and we'll be leaf free.

All for now. .


  1. This is all new to me..."high season" and the many storms in a row. I am learning from your blog, so many interesting things, like how to zigzag a flag to take care of the rips in it. I bet you are thankful for a generator. My husband talks about getting one, although our storms are not as frequent as yours.

    Hope you have a good day today!

  2. You do live an exciting life! Love the purpose for which your hubby needs the flag to fly high! LOL Made me smile! There really is quite the protocol to flags, their handling and even their disposal should need be. I was surprised when I looked it up one year.

  3. Going to see if a friend and I can get a walk in without being blown off the trail today :0)
    Glad that flag is back up so hubby can take care of the last of the leaves...

  4. Those middle of the night sound-and-light shows are certainly eye-openers, aren't they? I love your description...I smiled through your post!

  5. That was a good morning giggle posting. What exactly is expected of the chickens when they receive power outage notification? Extra feather fluffing? Hold off on egg laying until power resumes?

    BTW...Did the storm sounds impact egg production?

    That storm is/was a doozy. Definitely one for future reference such as "Right after the big wind storm in the fall of 09....."

  6. We're taking it one storm at a time over here...and without the convenience of generators that kick in on their own. You and you chickens have it good! I'm thinking the flag-mending may get to be a big job this year...if this keeps up.

  7. I chuckled at your lights, alarms all going on at the same time..
    I also like the idea of enough wind to blow your leaves away..an easy way to rake:)
    Lovella, I know you love storms so enjoy!

  8. Oh, I love it! I was sitting at the border lineup yesterday and noticed the American flag dancing/swaying to the music in my car. It was actually quite entertaining.

  9. So...I'm laughing....you give your neighbors your fallen leaves and they give you blueberries; is that how it works? (I'm kidding or course; you have all those lovely eggs...)

    Such storms are not part of my experience....sounds a little too exciting for comfort.

  10. We've been hearing about your storms all the way over here. While you have having high winds and power outages, we're enjoying gorgeous sunny days. We'll probably trade soon enough.

  11. Oh the flag....I keep looking at ours wondering if it should come inside for a few months.
    Yes, another year for storms.
    I'm happy to see that you are picking my favorite color, blue. What about a blue metallic?


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