Christmas in November

This last Friday night. . .
in my year of jubilee. .
I had my first ever limo experience.

Our Care Group. . .
went to see our local Rotary Christmas Home Tour.
The limo ride was so much fun. . .and the tour of the houses was just the thing to put us in the mood for Christmas which is only seven weeks away.
I'm not one to be pining away for houses bigger than our bungalow. .
but this little outdoor feature really had me oohing and aahing.
There were so many great little ideas.
I found myself wondering how many little sticks I'd have to cut from my free stuff in the yard to make that cute tree .
I did love all the Christmas tables set. .
and had a few moments of wondering. .
if I had some Christmas dishes. .
where I could stash them for the other forty - eight weeks of the year.

I loved this little bed tray.
We all know that people don't usually have a bed tray like that unless you happen to be enjoying a luxury inn experience. .
but pretending tea parties is fun. .
even for grown ups.

I enjoyed the big open space in this home.
It was full of tour guests. . .
enjoying appetizers from Milestones and tasting local wines. .
and yet. .
I could take pictures with no people in them.
That wouldn't happen in the bungalow.
(I mentally ticked off the box . .in favour of a bigger bungalow)

It was lovely to see. . . how a bit of sparkly garland could dress up a slab of granite.

The fun part continued to be . . .
having our party friends with us.

This Christmas table was my favorite.
She had a portion of the Christmas Story framed at each place setting.
It is their family tradition to go around the table and each read their part.

If I ever have to give up my bungalow. .
I'd be willing to move here.
Its story book gables ..
were most beautiful.

I loved these moose. .
and thought about the lil' farmhand and his great love of his moosey.

I did a careful inspection of this gorgeous garland . .
and nonchalantly invited our party to a garland making party. .
in the coming weeks.

They said "sure".

None of us wanted to have an upside down Christmas tree in our homes. .
but we did admit that the ornaments hang perfectly.

At the end of the evening. .
we found our way back to the bungalow. .
where we enjoyed a bit of Coconut Layer Cake and coffee and planned our next care group event.
This was a "Good Time" Care Group Social.
We have been a part of a Care Group ever since we married thirty one years ago.
It is just one of many blessings attached to attending a local church.
Our Care Group has had a very sad year . .laying to rest one of our own in February.
The one thing I know for sure is that as long as I live. .
I will always want to be part of a care group.

All for now. .


  1. HOw fun!!!!! I love going on tours of houses -- and I'd love to see some decorated for Chrsitmas around here. on our trip to NC last weekend the retreat leaders took us all to the Biltmore Estate!!! i couldn't believe it -- I've been wanting to go there but figured it would have to wait 20 years. :) And there we were. What a house! And it was decorated for Christmas!!!!

  2. So much fun...and so many great ideas!! Thanks for taking us along!

    I especially love the idea of having portions of the Christmas story framed at each table place be read in turn by each person there. That's a wonderful tradition.

  3. Oh what a fun event to share with your care group. That table is so lovely. What a blessing to be with this group for so long...
    Enjoy your week Lovella...

  4. What a wonderful Care Group really know how to go out in style! And what a neat way to get seeing how others decorate their homes. I'm looking at your photos...and picking up a few ideas of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You and Terry look quite natural in a limo...

    I'm with Vicki...the framed Christmas story idea is great. One of the SLC neighborhoods has portions of the Christmas story on their front yards, lit up at night. We have driven it and read it several Christmases Eves now.

    Interesting to me: the subdued color scheme in the houses. A "winter" decorating look as opposed to blatant Christmas colors.

    The upside down Christmas tree is a winner when the household has lots of visiting toddlers...just sayin' is all.

  6. Very interesting post! So happy for you that you have a care group! Love the idea of having parts of the Christmas story framed and read in turn! What a lovely tradition!

  7. It must have been bittersweet to have one of your members not with you this year. But how wonderful that you have each other for love and support - and I'm sure many happy memories over 30 long years together.

    The Christmas house tour looks like such fun - I'd be like you - half wishing for the dishes and then wondering where on earth I'd store them.

    I had my first limo drive in my jubilee year too. Great fun!

  8. I loved seeing you all friends all together....enjoying life together....caring for each are all blessed. The homes looked lovely. I still can't feel Christmas in my bones...but...the shopping is done. Kathy

  9. What a great night together! I'm starting to feel festive ... thanks for the little glimpse of Christmas!

  10. Oh ... I so wish I could turn the plates over to see who made them!
    love them!
    I think many of us here will be adding the little frames with the Christmas story at our tables!

    I found a fun place to see lots of great table settings. Tablescape Thursday
    It's a meme and almost 100 people participate. I'm looking forward to all the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year settings!
    Thanks for the fun post today!

  11. Having a care group of friends to share many of life's circumstances together, has to be one of life's greatest blessings. The limo and a house tour sure does sound like fun. I really liked the tray on the bed, and the framed Christmas story on the table. Thanks for sharing this tour with us.

  12. Thank you for taking uf along on this tour ... I love the pictures!
    So much fun to enjoy someone else's creativity ... to appreciate the beauty and be inspired.

  13. Looks like you enjoyed your Limo experience. Linda was my chaufeur. We enjoyed the tour on Sun. What a neat thing to do with your care group. How's your decorating coming? Did you get any new ideas?


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