tree cutting 2009

So anyways. . .

yesterday after chores were done we headed out to go find our tree.

We stopped at Tim Horton's for a sandwich combo which includes a donut.

He said.. . "why are you eating your donut first?"

I said. . ."am I?"

These are the words of a woman battling flu and the determination to keep moving until . . .

everything is just right.

I put down my donut. . .and picked up my sandwich. . .

and laughed.

It is not an easy thing finding an open gated Tree Farm on November 24th.

We drove past several with gates firmly locked. . .whilst the cheery signs on the roadway . ..

gave us the good news that they will be open this coming weekend.

We drove on . . .

wondering if we would have to visit the fake tree store.

It was about this time that I spotted a cheery sign for Frosty's Tree Farm.

They promised to be open this coming weekend.

They had no gate.

I instructed my tree cutter to drive on in. . .

I'd do the talking.

The tree farm fellow was on his yard. .

I explained that I needed a tree today. .

I crunched dollar bills in my pocket. .

and he went to get a brand new saw.

We came home with our tree.

Last I heard. . .

was an announcement from the garage .. .

"it's crooked". . .he said

"If it was perfect. . .everyone would think it was fake". . .I said.

Tomorrow. . .

the lights go on. . .

the ornaments get hung. .

my girlfriends are coming to help with the last of the decorating. . .

and my feet go up.

All for now. .


  1. Oh, Good morning, and I hope you are feeling better as the sun is shining out at this end.
    I always love getting the tree and am instructing my husband that it may be this weekend if the weather is good.
    Waiting to see when you have a picture with your feet resting horizontally.

  2. I love this - "I'll do the talking". I hope the flu is just teasing you and you can enjoy a good book and a hot drink amidst the beauty you are creating.

  3. Maybe the tree is feeling under the weather too?

    Lights and ornaments will hide any imperfections, don't you think? Or maybe Terry can just post himself in front of the tree and lean as a way to divert attention.

  4. And tonite your bungalow will smell like pine and apple cider . . . please do post a picture of you with your feet up.

  5. Ah what a found your tree! I'm with the rest..please Lovella put up your feet!
    I chuckled when you said 'I'll do the talking'..the tree man didn't look the least bit annoyed:)

  6. So glad you found a tree. I'm sure right at this very moment you are adorning it. I sure hope you don't get the full flu...I feel it on the verge too...."not now please Lord." Loved the eat the donut first...I'll do the talking....they would think it was fake....I want to see you sitting with your feet up too. Love ya Kathy

  7. Can't wait to see the finished product! (Not just the tree, but the whole house.)

  8. The family room photo is beautiful. I like how you decorate. Will you show us the finished tree? I am sure it will so nice in that room.

  9. You are so 'all set'...and I'm almost jealous. I'm picturing you there with your feet up...sipping cider...and enjoying the music!

    I love the 'donut first' story. Why always save the best for last?

  10. Ohh ! so happy you found a tree farm with a soft-hearted owner...Nothing like the smell of a real tree. Every year, I look at the artifical trees and say .. "Hmm.. one more year of a real tree!"


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