Remember the tutorial on Cinnamon Ornaments?

No?. . .well you can find it by cklicking here if you want the recipe.

This year I set about making up some Moose Ornaments.

Moose are all the rage in these parts. .

Poor things. . .
I have no idea how many legs I broke in the process.
I rolled them tooooooo thin for such a leggy decoration.

It was nothing that a little glue couldn't fix.

They've gone to make my fake tree smell a little more like Christmas.

All for now. .


  1. So very many years ago I made cinnamon ornaments with my kids! Not moose, mind you! That idea, I believe, is uniquely your own, Lovella!!!

  2. Such cute moose..the little guy will love those on the tree..will he want to eat them?

  3. The moose are adorable! Perhaps next Christmas, my little redhead and I will be making up this recipe. :)

  4. Very cute moose - and a good idea for our fake tree too.

  5. I can only imagine the fun you had trying to keep your moose intact. But they look to your 'cranberry' garland!

  6. Love the moosies! Enjoy the wonderful aroma...

  7. Thanks Lovella. I think you have inspired me to give this a try. I'll try something a little easier like a bell. Something with no legs. :) I think the moose are SO cute though!

  8. I've never seen a moose cookie cutter - but then, we have no moose on PEI. I wonder if there are skunk cookie cutters - we have lots of them! :)

  9. What a novel idea! Fragrance - lovely!

  10. Well...humph...when does the other official animal of Canada get equal time?

    Beavers are nice too...and their legs are much, much studier. Plus they talk to visitors so kindly, even in the middle of busy freeways:

    "Welcome to Canada...have a nice day!"


  11. They look great, even if their legs are glued on! Oh yes, I remember that tutorial, and I've still got my beautiful cinnamon heart...and the Christmas chicken too. It'll be time to get them out in just a few more days.

  12. Those are SO cute! I didn't even know you could buy moose cookie cutters. You always have such fantastic ideas.


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