fall rye

I spent all day in my sewing closet yesterday.

Near 4:30. . .I looked outside and paused my sewing.

Every season the raspberries hold a beauty.

The fall rye is growing .. .

the raspberry vines are becoming bare. .

and the leaves from my white birch are all but down.

By the time I finished enjoying my view. .

it was time to vacuum up all the threads of the day. .

and start dinner.

The days seem short. .

and with so many projects on the go. .

the days seem fast as well.

It's all good.

All for now. .


  1. I like the coziness of the cooler days, but not how quickly they seem to end...the suddenness of nightfall always leaves me with a sense of near-panic that I didn't get everything accomplished. Sigh. It'll all be there tomorrow, I guess. ;)

  2. Short and quick...but good. I agree!

  3. How wonderful you can take time to enjoy the view. There is so much safety and security in knowing that your crops and projects are moving along. Blessings

  4. The days are short, but the evenings are long and cozy . . . and I'm also so amazed at the Fall beauty around us! Has it always been so beautiful?

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects! I love the long cozy evenings - especially since we have the fireplace going.

    The WV is "amuzzd" - very apt. I'm so often amuzzd by you :)

  6. Such beauty right out your window. Miss you tons...almost called you today....maybe still will. SSGK


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