nap time pass time

Every Tuesday afternoon while grandgirlie has nap with bunny. . .

I have been sewing.

One more nap time and I'll have five aprons done for my care group girls.

Stay tuned for details on the day we'll all be modeling them.

Oh .. and fantastic news. .

we have a wind and rain storm scheduled today. .

and you know how I love that.

I would enjoy it even more if I didn't have people I love working outdoors today.

I'll go to the dentist and have my teeth cleaned ..

which I don't enjoy and whilst there . .

I'll think about my loved ones working in the inclement weather . . .

and then. .

go home and make hot chocolate. .

All for now. .

with love,


  1. Finally getting caught up on blog reading. :) Can't wait to see all the aprons! I need to get one made before December -- there just seems to be so little time around here right now.

  2. Lovella..those aprons look beautiful even from the little that I can see! Looking forward to seeing you all in your aprons. I love how you count the naptimes..

  3. Love that apron! Enjoy the weather and the hot chocolate! Oh, and I don't mind visits to the dentist...especially those visits to my favorite one!

  4. Love the detail on that apron!
    I, too, heard that wind warning and am not looking foward to the ferry ride home this afternoon. I've had a good week over here in your neck of the woods - even some lovely sunshine!

  5. Looking forward to seeing those aprons. Ahh weather...
    Enjoy the hot chocolate!

  6. A "kitchen choir" of care group girls attired in matching aprons...wouldn't that be a sight?

    Will the wee girlies be getting monther-daughter aprons one day too? It is so cool that you love to sew.

  7. lucky care group girls!

    sounds like a perfect day (minus the teeth cleaning part!)

  8. I'm not to sure about this inclement weather... but it looks like you're making the most of your time. Beautiful apron!

  9. Mmmm! Hot chocolate sounds good -- it's cold here too. Can't wait to see the lovely aprons.

  10. I like the aprons...and hot chocolate would be nice...but dentists and storms I can do without!

  11. I love the glimpse of the apron ..I tried to make my mouse scroll it up so I could see the whole thing.. but of course it wouldn't move.. smile..
    Hot Chocolate?? I'll be right over!
    The rain has stopped and it is still... my hubby's outside so I'm glad it has stopped raining.

  12. Love the fabric. Your girlfriends will love your labor of love. Can't wait to see them. Kathy

  13. Lovella, Thank you for this beautiful blog. I have grown spiritualy, emotionally and also my clothes don't fit because of the wonderful recipes! I am a
    Christian, walking daily with the Lord and following His guidance in my life. Thank you for your encouragement - your insight into the everyday is beautiful.


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