critters on farms and bob

I said. . ."it seems we've reached the perfect age"

He said. . ."how's that?"

I said. .."for years and years. . .we had no special little visitors on pumpkin day. . .and now we do again".

But oh goodness. . .who hasn't had something stinky hiding under an old shed?

Our lil' farm hand was incognito. . .as a little stinker.

Little Kanneloni Macaroni pretended was a cuddly little bear.

My little grand nephew came again this year. . .his webbed fingers could still make it into the jar.

Our little friend Ethan Bob the builder showed up with his hardhat. . .just in time for coffee break.

It was a good weekend. . .

all for now. .


  1. They are all so cute. Finally we had a dry warm evening for Halloween. Love the stinker. I am thanking all my followers this birthday month and Thanksgiving month.

  2. How sweet! They are all adorable in their little costumes! We didn't have any little visitors this year...for the second year in a row. I don't miss having the candy around, but I miss seeing the little ones.

  3. We had one of those little "stinkers" show up at our door too! I think that was the cutest of all the costumes that evening. Love your "Bob the builder" too.

  4. No little critters came up our driveway, so I went to my sister's and helped her shell out - and got to see lots of little angels and princesses and ghosts and goblins (and the odd transformer!)

  5. You had some very cute little visitors - we had 28 this year. And a few "O Henrys" left over - perfect!

  6. What adorable photos of adorable little ones! They are sooo cute.

  7. Adorable...and this year the few kids that came by were all dressed so cute for a change. Less gore...more adorable characters.

    SLC has a thing called Trunk or Treat, where neighborhoods (churches) take over a parking lot, the cars have their trunks open and filled with candy. Local customs are sure interesting.

    I'm eyeing Operation Shoebox for our left over candy. Our troops use the candy to hand out to kids overseas. Better use than adding inches to me!

  8. Oh these are the best kind of visitors. They are all so stinkin cute!! What fun...

  9. I'm with Ellen...'stinkin' cute!

    And I like Jill's suggestion of using leftover candy for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

  10. Who would have thought little critters like these could bring so much joy? I think each of these little ones is so cute! You look like a young grandma.

  11. My favorite is Bob the Builder. So awesome.

  12. critters on farms and bo

    Bob the builders great!

  13. The kids are darling....and you are beautiful! Really...great pics of you. Love seeing you enjoying your grands...and the others. Kathy


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