between seasons

So anyways . . .

I've been "browsing" the Christmas decorations in the stores.

As they put them out. . .

I'm there. . .looking for certain things.

There are lots of decorations . .

so many styles. .

so much to choose from.

Every year I pick up a few things that match the things I already have.

I was asked recently. . .

to describe my Christmas decorating style in one or two sentences.

I thought that would be easy. . .but I had to really think.

I know what I like when I see it but to describe it was harder.

I love retro. . .old things that are now again in style . .

so I am going to say my favorite Christmas decorating style is . . . .

Vintage Chic.

I don't actually own many vintage ornaments but I'm always drawn to decorations that look retro. Perhaps it is memories of hanging one piece of tinsel at a time as a child and then removing it one piece at a time at the end of Christmas that has me forever fond of the things once held dear as a chld.

How about you?

Are you "browsing" the shelves as they are filling them?

I have one firm Christmas decorating rule.

The Nativity Scene is the first thing up. .

and the last thing down. . .

I took out my Fisher Price Nativity Scene yesterday and smiled as Grandgirlie exclaimed with great enthusiasm. . .

"I want Jesus". . .

and kissed the wee babe in the manger with a big smile.

The Nativity Scenes are up. . .the middle of November.

All for now. .


  1. I have several Nativity scenes,the best one having been bought the Christmas before hubby and I were married 25 years ago. It is priceless to me! But then I have two that stay out all year! Both in the curio cabinet, and both equally special. One is a stained glass 'thingy' that has the outline of a stable, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus that my aunt gave us many years ago for Christmas. She had seen me longing for it at a store when we were shopping with her in Naples, FL, but it wasn't in my budget, so she went back later, bought it for us and surprised us at Christmas. The other is a teeny, tiny set of about 15+ pieces that I bought on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. For years it was my main Christmas 'decor' on my desk at work. The memories are the best part of decorating, don't you think?!? Becky

  2. Wonderful! I love that the little grandgirlie already cherishes the One whose birth we celebrate.

    Over the years, my Christmas decor has been sort of "whatever goes" - ornaments made by the children in their younger years, hand-me-downs from my mother, gifts from friends. In anticipation of this recent move, we gave away so much...handed things down to Aiden's parents or passed on to friends. I get to start all over this year, with a few things that I couldn't part with. I've been browsing the stores, but haven't really pulled anything together yet.

  3. I love what I see from your clean kitchen window. A swing, fall leaves, gleaming faucets, canisters that may soon be filled with a few Christmas treats and the new addition of 'snow doiies' with the pretty little trees. The nativity scenes are always one of my favorites too. I have hardly looked at any christmas decor this year...but come to think of it, I don't think i have seen a nativity scene yet. I'm going to look today. SSGK

  4. I think that would be the best way to describe my Christmas style, too. Or maybe...a little of this, a little of that. Last year I went bonkers on Nativity sets. I only had a tiny wooden set before. I love grandgirlie's exclamation! I want Jesus, too!!

  5. Would you believe the Creche Society just met here in SLC? Yes, an international society of Creche collectors/enthusiasts...filling up an entire conference center.

    My decorating style has moved from handcrafted to old world elegant in our elegant home in Houston(where my son informed me that only white lights and golden colors on trees are appropriate...who made him the Christmas tree czar at age 25 anyway???)

    Now I am split between Old World, Vintage/Shabby Chic downstairs and will be doing Retro (decorations reflecting the 1950's-1970 vibe) upstairs.

    I am in awe of your kitchen skills.. that you can confidently place cream colored trees behind your sink without fear of spagetti sauces splatters festooning the tree unbidden. Or maybe al fredo sauce is the pasta sauce at your house for the season?

  6. How nice to have your Christmas decorating well under way. Vinatge chic suits me just fine...but my decorations are simply whatever I have collected over the years. It looks like a good day to hang outside lights today...that would be a good place to start.

    I'm laughing at Jill's comment...about confidently placing cream coloured trees behind the kitchen sink.

  7. "I want Jesus" Wonderful!!! Me too!

  8. Love the window scene! Even though Jill's comment is true!

  9. Where do I find a Fisher Price Nativity scene? I want one for my grandchildren.

    As for Christmas decorating, vintage chic is beautiful, but I do not have one set decor. I don't do a huge amount of decorating, although my girls are usally asking me to start the decorating early. I usually chose a color scheme that matches my home colors, and go with that. Mostly crystal, whites, tans and greens. My decorating goal...cozy, warm and inviting without too much temptation for all my little ones.

    Your kitchen window looks like a magazine photo.

  10. I'll add my 'wow!' to the other comments about your kitchen window!
    My style?'s all about whatever I've collected over the past 37 Christmases, whatever the children have made and whatever catches my eye this year - and some years I find nothing at all new to add to the collection. Like you, I put out the creche first. The baby Jesus doesn't make an appearance until the 24th of December though - put in his bed by the youngest in the household.....or his big brother, this year, or perhaps both of the little fellows together!


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