Hello Kitty Cupcakes

A little fondant. . .

rolled through a pasta maker. . .

mini chocolate chips. . .

a few purchased sugar flowers for a barette. . .

and a little pink icing.

Happy 2nd Birthday darling . . ..

Grammie loves you!

My heart is filled with joyful anticipation of this coming weekend. . .

All for now. . .


  1. What a cute cupcake! Clever, clever Grammie - this birthday will go down in family lore, I'm sure.

  2. Happy Birthday to my twin grandchild....I'm sure she is feeling much better than my little one who has the cough...

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandgirlie! She will love those cute cupcakes!
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  4. Oh, I was hoping you would post these! Such a cute idea! Do you know that I flew on a plane with a huge Hello Kitty painted on it? Yup, on a trip to Asia - where else?
    Happy Birthday to your little "cupcake sweetie!"

  5. She'll be the cat's meow at any age...just like her darlin' grannie!

  6. Too cute...those Hello Kitty cupcakes! Happy birthday to your sweet little grandgirlie.

    Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you may have planned! (Smile)

  7. So great!!! Wish I had that idea in October. We did a Hello Kitty themed party for my 7 year old. You are so very clever and a wonderful grandma. I am sure the grandgirlie loved them.

  8. Oh my!
    Lovella, these are ADORABLE!

    There's a BIG FAN of Hello Kitty in my family! She'll have to see this post!
    A lovely weekend to you ~ Maria

  9. Happy Birthday to your little girlie! I must file away the Hello Kitty cupcake idea if I ever have a grandgirlie.

  10. So sweet!! I'm going to be like Willow and store this idea away for future grandgirlies! It doesn't seem like 2 years Lovella . . .

  11. Awwww... how sweet! No one ever made me kitty cupcakes, but I had an aunt that gave me kittie mittens that I loved!!
    Happy Birthday, little one - you don't know how 'famous' you are!! smile- but I know you know you are loved!!

  12. those are incredible. I can't believe she is two! what a fun age.

  13. Those are the cutest cupcakes ever! I want some for my birthday :)

  14. You are too much! These cupcakes are just so cute! I know my little granddaughters would be so excited to see these. Thanks for making all look so easy...you always do.

  15. You are so talented!!
    What a lucky little girlie that has a grammie like you!
    Those are just too cute. And almost too good to eat. :)

  16. So Sweet! I have a feeling that when she gets to school many of her stories will include her Grammie... and some baked goods :)


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