loose caps

Don't you just love free stuff?
I do.
I love it even better when I can spend a glorious afternoon outdoors gathering the seasons bounty.

I've collected all the acorns. . .

and they are now in waiting.

Their caps have all come loose.

(Sometimes I think my "cap" has come loose too.)

What did we ever do before glue guns?

I'm on the run again.

Grandgirlie is on her way. . .

It's all good.

All for now. .


  1. You were fortunate to get to those acorns before the squirrels did! Enjoy your day!

  2. What will you do with these? I've often thought that it would make a pretty wreath but they're so heavy. Ideas?

  3. Gosh...as long as you've got the glue gun out, would you mind sticking the pretty autumn leaves back up in the trees too?

    Thanks a million girl!
    You are amazing!

  4. Sometimes I think that my cap is permanently askew!
    I hope you'll post whatever it is you're going to do with your bounty - you have me intrigued.

  5. You are too funny - whatever are you up to?

  6. Once the caps are back in place...what will become of your treasure-trove of acorns? I love your 'to be continued' posts! Don't leave us hanging too long...we might all need to go acorn collecting so we can join in the fun.

  7. The weather looks glorious up there! Enjoy...
    FYI...my caps are loose, I wish my jeans were...

  8. I want to see what you're making...

  9. I love to read your posts and the comments! Still smiling over Ellen b. We're both looking for loose jeans - I have to admit that the picture of the bread over at MGCC doesn't look like it's going to help in that area!

    Looking forward to come fall crafty creations :)

  10. what in the world is that creative mind up to now........

  11. Looking forward to what you're crafting! Creating beautiful gifts from natural stuff - pods, pine-cones, nuts of all kinds and flowers - used to be my favorite hobby! Should have taken pictures of those treasures before I gifted them! Love those acorns!

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  13. As a kid I loved collecting acorns....I know you have a great idea for them...don't you! Kathy


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