Yesterday Grandgirlie and I were trying to be domestic divas. . .

but it was hard with color swatches being tossed about ..

and our opinion needed ..

time and time again.

When we grew tired of the discussion. . .

the rod builder retired to his station . .

and consulted the web.

. . .and then .. .
he would come back ..
to consult with us.

The question of color which has been ongoing for several years. .

has been decided.

We stayed home and did our domestic duty in the bungalow. .

and my beloved went to discuss paint colors with the painter.

Dinner was a peaceful event.

The storm continued to rage outdoors. .

but inside the bungalow. .

the discussion was about buns.

It's all good. . .

All for now. .


  1. I saw the high winds around your area on the weather channel. No was really howling. Being snug is such a good thing on such days, and having such a delicious decision to make is pretty neat too.

  2. It's great to have One Big Decision out of the way, isn't it?

    I can hardly believe the weather you're having! Staying cozy at home is wonderful on days like that!

  3. Glad he came up with one that is just right :0)
    Sounds a little quieter right now up here as the winds seem to have died down. Enjoy your day!

  4. How cozy to be indoors when the storm is raging outdoors!
    And I love your embroidered tea towel!
    It's so fun to bake with those little ones..even if it takes longer. Does grandgirlie get to make her own little pan of buns?
    I'm thinking that truck will be looking pretty sharp once it has it's new coat of paint.

  5. I think we'll need some sort of blog party when we finally see the finished product (with you riding in it of course)! Blue sounds nice!

  6. Blue is good...I'm sure he picked the perfect shade.

    I've about had enough of power outages and crashing computers...and a flooded basement. I'm not such a fan of storms!

  7. And a beautiful shade of blue it is!
    Things are really moving along if it is time for the paint. That's exciting.

  8. Cozy, warm, and little grandgirlie...what could be better!

    Would love to see another one of your finished decorating projects.


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