new cushions

Do you ever notice how you stop noticing things in your house that are hideous?

Last week one day. . .

as I was doing a tidy of the cushions in the family room. .

I looked at them with new eyes. . .

and I took a trip to the fabric store for new material.

I found this for $2.50 per meter in the discount bin.

A little piping to cover. . .

and a few new pillow forms. .

and voila. .

new cushions.

Details. . .

matter too.

All for now. . .


  1. Lovely! It looks so cozy with the new pillows, the lamp and the cheery fire in the woodstove.

  2. Now I'm on the lookout for hideous around my house :0)
    I love your new pillows!!

  3. You'll have all of us casting our eyes around for things that have become shabby and too familiar. I love that check!

  4. What pretty cushions! An inexpensive way to add something new. I'm not even going to look around my house..

  5. Lovely.. and just the right color for the season!
    I've noticed how 'hideous' comes out of hiding JUST before company's coming!! smile...

  6. Oh Lovella..... I just can't keep up to you. Nevertheless you do inspire me. Now I just have to follow through. I bet your house is beautiful! Enjoy the Christmas Tour!

  7. Can't wait to see everything you've created! Are you going to be offering sewing lessons to friends at any point? You're incredibly talented.

  8. I love the fabric and colors. It gives your house a very warm cozy country look.

  9. but where's the "before" picture?


  10. Great way to spruce things up - love the fabric you found. I'm impressed that you thought it, bought it and created it in what, a day???.
    I have a few projects tucked away that had such promise...maybe I should send them your way?

  11. are amazing. Top Sewing Gun award goes to you for tackling that project at the last moment.

    Wish we lived closer by...I have about 28 throw pillows of various colors and patterns in storage. Brand new mostly...Bernie has put a moratorium on buying any more pillows!

  12. New cushions are a simple way to change things up...and yours look perfect. Way to go.

    I guess I took the easy way out...handed over some $$$ and took home the cushions.

  13. I'll hand over the money if I find the right ones, finally! I may just have to find some material and hire a good friend...


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