Friday, October 30, 2009

what to do on sunny days

Tuesday the sun came out and the ladder went up.

Last year. . .

our winter came early and putting up Christmas lights became a good proof of ones manhood.

We are not about to take that chance again.

On Wednesday and Thursday the focus changed to the indoors. .

since the Hawaiian Express Rain Storm found it's way to the Canadian Coast.

My posts are short these days. .

it's a one minute decision of what to post.

Today I'll take a pause from my project and enjoy a day with the grands.

If my life becomes too busy for them. . .

I'll consider myself in trouble. .

It's all good. .

All for now. .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new prints for the dining room

Wind and rain in the forecast. . .
suits me just fine.
I went and picked up my new 12 X 18 inch prints for $2.99 each.
I'm skipping my autumn prints and going for bare trees. .
since that will be the case very shortly.
I was happy with my new cocoa purchase as well.
I smiled as I dipped my teaspoon into the powder.. .
because I know that there is no teaspoon handle long enough when we're at the bottom of the can.
All for now. .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pull up the blinds

I really like bare windows.

I'm sure that must say something about me. . .I have no idea what it is.

I've gone through the stages in my married life of different window treatments.

Our first home had off white sheers covering the living room windows completely with gold sheers pulled back with satin cords.

The second house. . . .

I was becoming less draped.

We had sheer window toppers with wide lace hems. . .and sheer side curtains. .

and now in this house. .

we have 2 inch wide venetian blinds.

I've discovered that I enjoy the color changes of each season and the less I'm bound by color on my walls and around my windows. . .the easier it is for me to bring the seasons into our home.

There is the odd day when I am surrounded by gorgeous fabrics in a fabric store. .that I get itchy to whip up some window treatments. . .

but on days like today. .

I have all the window treatment I need.

Pull up the blinds. . .

and let the color in.

All for now. .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrence turns Thirty

I can remember the day this picture was taken.

Grandma and Grandpa came and picked you up and took you to the Antique Tractor Show.

It brought back all the memories of you and your young obsession with keys and sitting in the seat of anything that had a steering wheel.

The apple doesn't fall very far from the cart it seems.

I'm glad for all the memories that the last 30 years have made.

Good days. . bad days. . .boring days. . .exciting days. . .

all of them have shaped who you have become.

Today you turned thirty.
When I thought about the thirty years of your life . ..
I just became so thankful for all gifts you have recieved . . .
You have the gift of good health.
You have a sound and healthy mind.
You have been given the gift forgiveness.
You have been given strength to work hard to earn a living for your family.
You enjoy being with people. .
and that may sound overly simple but not everyone does . . and so I consider that a gift in your life.
You have wonderful parents in law who have treated you well and have accepted you as a son. They are such loving people. . .what a wonderful gift to have another set of parents.
You have good inlaw siblings.
You have a brother. . . .a good brother.
You have great Aunts and Uncles and cousins who were so important to you while you were growing up and who modeled how to live.
You had grandparents who loved you and prayed for you everyday.
You have a Grandma that loves you. ..prays for you and makes you cookies.
You have always had a very good Dad (perhaps a little biased here I know. .but it's still true).
You grew up in a home where family dinners were normal . ..every night. (they say that is important and I always smile when they say that. . since we just did it and didn't think it was unusual)

You have been given the gift of love.
You met a beautiful girl who who you fell in love with and who agreed to marry you.
Together you have been blessed to have a healthy son and now a healthy baby girl .. .
and every day you are blessed that Bea is such a fantastic mom and loving wife.
I smile now ..thinking that you married a girl that cuts up your apples for you.
Such a gift she is.
God has blessed you in so many ways.
I just wanted you to know today Terrence . . .
that God has provided you as a blessing in our life as well.
We join you in thanking God .. .for all the gifts.
Happy Birthday Terrence .. .
With love from Mom

Monday, October 26, 2009

bedside lamp

Remember a few years ago when I was thrilled to find these old hospital night stands at our local MCC sale?

Ever since then. . .

we've been without bedroom lamps.

It's not that we really need lamps. . .

I can't remember the last time we've read in bed. . .

but . . .really .. .that is beside the point.

I remember my mom and dad having bedroom lamps. . .

one set. .

from the time I was born. . .

until the time they passed away.

I thought they were quite hideous.

They were about a foot tall. . .

had a clear glass globe with a hole at the bottom .. .

that could conveniently be used to tuck a silk pink rose. .

and was topped off with a white shade.

Ten years later. .

look what I bought.

I already have ideas forming in my mind. . .

for a sprig of holly tucked up from the bottom.

Life is funny sometimes isn't it?

I often smile and find myself feeling blessed that I find pleasure . .

to notice these small details. . .

that make me my mother.

I quite liked who she was.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the clean side

I was wondering. . .

which side of the sink is your clean side?

When I was growing up. . .

I had the dubious pleasure of standing on the left side. .

tea towel in hand.

The task seemed to never end.

In a family of five children. .

four of them being boys. . . with their own responsibilities in the barn. .

I stayed inside and helped in the kitchen.

Anyone who has eaten at our table. .

or enjoyed the recipes I post. . .

should thank my mom.

She not only gave me free reign in the kitchen. .

she also taught me that kitchen clean up was part of the joy of cooking.

If I happened to be making a mess like you saw the other day. .

I stood on the right side. .

dish cloth in hand. .

and then moved over to the left side. .

tea towel in hand.

Growing up. . .

it was the same side every day for washing. .

and the same side every day for drying.

I never gave it much thought.

The first few years of marriage. .

I washed on the right ..

and dried on the left ..

and then one day I got a dishwasher.

Some things never really do change that much though. .

I still put soapy water in the right side of the sink. . .

morning. . . noon and night.

The right side. . .holds a dish cloth to wipe counters . . .

and . . .

the left side .. .

is where I wash grapes. . .

. . .rinse a carrot. .

and peel potatoes.

Once a week. . .

I give it all a rinse of bleach.

Does your family know which side the clean side is?

I'm not too sure mine did . .

I haven't spent much time talking about the clean side. . .

until today.

My project yesterday was cut short. . .

My beloved rang me from the shop. . .

and so. .

I went on a date.

Projects shmojects .. .

What kind of a girlfriend would I be. . .

had I sent a note of regret?

All for now. .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Primed and Fitted

Remember the green and black Merc?

Remember the recent picture of the frame going for it's fitting?

I wasn't invited to attend the fitting. .

I'm a girl.

I did send the camera along though ..

because things still need documentation.

So ..
it seems. . .
things fit fine.
From my standpoint. .
it is quite wonderful to see how all the metal work that took many hours in our shop. . .
now looks like it has always been there.

He apologized for the poor lighting in this picture.
He did his best.
Soon. .
very soon there will be some test samples painted.
I know I'm a girl. .
but I plan to attend that event.
It's all good here in the bungalow. . .
if I told you what I was doing today. .
you'd never believe me. .
so. .
I'll just say. .
All for now. .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

quick cake

Note to self. . .

slower is quicker.

So . . .

let this be a lesson to you. . .

making cake. . .and emptying the dishwasher. . .

and throwing in a load of towels. .

simultaneously. . .

should not be attempted . . .

once you reach the year of jubliee.

All for now. . .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the boys are back

The group of guys in the picture above look rather serious.

They were standing up for my son. . who stands in the forefront.

The photo was taken in 2005. . .

and perhaps the thing I love about it the most... .

is that these guys still stand up for each other.

Last week one day. . .

a group of them showed up at our place to load the trailers with the necessary equipment to go into the bush .. .and "rough it" for a spell.

I missed capturing the rest of the boys who went . . .

but I was outside long enough to read them the riot act. . .

and ask a few "unnecessary" safety questions.

When I heard the trucks start up .. .

I quickly ran outside to take a picture of them going . . .

and to ask the Lord to bless them and to keep them all safe.

They are all family men now. . .

the whole lot of them.

It occured to me yesterday that. . .

even when your son is nearly thirty . .

you are still thankful for him finding. . .

and keeping ..

good friends.

Yesterday. . .

I was coming home from town. .

when one after another. . .

they passed me going the other direction.

It seems they had dropped off the necessary things at the farm. . .

and they were each anxious to get home to see their family.

I'm happy they are home.

All for now. ..

Monday, October 19, 2009

going for fittings

A week ago or so. . .

my beloved came to the kitchen to look for my cling film.

I prepared to tear off a length for him. . .

asking how much he needed.

He needed the whole box. .. .

for the Merc.

I didn't ask ..

I figured I'd just head out later with my camera.

He had used it. . .all.

"Where are you two headed?" I asked

"to the body shop for a fitting" he said.

Now . .. . us girls understand about fittings. . .

and so I just nodded.

. . .and off they went. . .

the two of them. . .for their fitting.

I've learned a lot a bit about rod building these last two years. .

and you likely have learned a thing or two as well.

One day soon we'll discuss colors. . . the blues.

All for now. .

Friday, October 16, 2009

the little steamer that could

Far be it from me to claim to love housework. . .
but this week. . .
I got a jump start on my "Saturday Work".
I've been cleaning house on Saturdays for the last 31 1/2 years.
About mid week. . .
I do a tidy .. .
which is different than "Saturday Work".

The kitchen floor gets a damp cloth every few days.
The area is so small that I can crouch the two minutes it takes me. .
but for bigger jobs. . .
I prefer hands and knees around the edges and a damp mop for the centers of the rooms.
The bigger areas only see a mop about once a month.

In my last housekeeping post .. .

I mentioned that I have learned from others and this little steamer is no exception.

My mom by love mentioned that she invested in a steam cleaner for her floors. I was about to purchase a new mop and when I saw this little steamer in the store. . . I picked it instead of my usual mop.

The instructions claim that the steam will last 20 minutes with a full tank.

I completed our 1200 square feet of flooring in less than 20 minutes. .

and as you can see. .

it did a fine job.

I used it on the tile in the bathrooms and the laundry room.

Every now and then I bent over to runner my finger over the floor .. .

just to make sure it felt clean.

It uses no detergent. .

only steam.

At the end of the job. .

the washable mop cover (which I humbly offer as exhibit A) was tossed in the wash. . . .

and my "Saturday work" list got a bit shorter.

I like my new little steamer.

All for now. ..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

International Conflict Resolution Day

No. . .
it was not marked as a holiday on my calendar .. .
but it was noted in my devotional for today.
It is amazing what comes to mind with a title .. .
isn't it?
Is there anyone amongst us that has not felt the heartache of unresolved conflicts in our relationships?
At one point or another we're all there.
My earliest recollection of relationship conflict was with my little neighborhood English friend.
It seemed we had more than our fair share of awkward silent moments on the bus ride home.
I wanted to also be friends with my best Sunday school friend Shirley ... .
and if I ventured over to Shirley's hopscotch game too often. .
it would cause my little English friend to feel jealous and often. .
I would end up in tears.
After some time I decided in my grade two wisdom. . .
that I should explain to my little English friend's Mother what the problem was. . .
and then that I discovered that mothers and daughters stick together.
In grade four or five she moved away .. .
and I cried.
We had spent many afternoons pretending to be expectant mothers in her unfinished basement. It was an the old house that survived a flood and smelled musty . .
but we loved that basement . .it was our play house.
She helped me through many hours of make believe childbirth. . .
that often found me crying.
We wrote letters back and forth during high school...
and then one day she wrote and told me that her mother died suddenly of an aneurysm. . .
and I cried.
I thought then about all the good times we had. . .not the conflicts.
It brought back memories of having grown up in a Mennonite home. . .
where we didn't have such tasty treats as Kraft Dinner.
They often had that for dinner. ..
and if I caught wind of that fact. . .
we would make every effort to arrange for me to stay.
On the days that my mom thought it might be better for me to come home. . .
I cried.
If I could . . .I'd love to sit and have a visit with Mary.
Since then. . .
I've continued to have occasional practice in conflict resolution.
If I've learned anything. .
it is that none of us are immune to feeling slighted. . .
sometimes overly sensitive. . .
and sometimes discouraged in relationships.
I've also learned that there is joy in acceptance of the other persons opinion.
I can hold on to my hurt for a short time. .
but then my love for God will cause me such inner turmoil. .
that I soon realize . . .
that there is no joy in holding on to my rights.
When I forgive. . .I am given the gift of peace. It doesn't matter who is right .. .or who is wrong .. what matters is that I obey God.

I don't pretend to have it all right .. .
and I'm pretty sure that not everyone is all right with me.
What I am sure of. . . .
As far as it depends on me. .
I'll spend today . .
living at peace with everyone.
All for now. . .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a day in the life of. . .

  • up at 6:55 to turn on the porch light. . .and splash water on my face
  • smile as the headlights come up the drive
  • kisses and greetings all around
  • whole wheat pancake batter goes into the pan
  • kisses and goodbyes and waves at the window
  • the dishwasher is emptied and the cutlery drawer is reached and all the cutlery is tossed in. . .(her chore)
  • kisses and goodbyes as grandpa heads out to do chores
  • Sunday school song practice at the piano. . . (we are secretly practicing several numbers with actions)
  • looking through the last 3 publications of the American Girl Magazine. . .looking for the puppy page
  • dollies are all fed and taken for several laps around the house. . purse over shoulder. . (very cute)
  • an audience during makeup application with half an eye on her lip balm application
  • dressing for going to fabric store
  • a short visit with my cousin in the fabric store . . .very fun . ..I love a show and tell opportunity
  • back to the farm to make grandpa lunch
  • make macaroni and cheese with the emphasis on cheese
  • eat lunch and listen to the request for a cookie from the freezer
  • retrieve the cookie bag from the freezer and enjoy cookie compliments
  • naptime. . .and several quick phone calls and and some office work and a bit of sewing
  • nap over. . .call to grandpa for coffee .. .grapes and cheese and milk
  • an invitation to play which includes. ..musical instruments. . .we are allowed to each have one. . . .( I use this opportunity to do a few more stanza's of our Sunday school songs. .which reminds her of the piano and we repeat. .with piano)
  • goodbyes and kisses as Grandpa goes back to the barn to get ready for baby chicks tomorrow. . (lots of chattering about chickens)
  • dinner preparation with the kitchen stool maneouvered around for the most advantageous view
  • a small cucumber is found in the sink .. .and it is devoured like it is the best candy ever. . .and I need to wash another cucumber for salad
  • Grandpa comes in greetings and kisses all around
  • Daddy comes back. . .greetings and hugs
  • toys are put away. .
  • kisses and hugs waves and blown kisses for good measure
  • smiles
  • and it's just the two of us again

It's a good life being a grammie!

I'm very thankful!

All for now. . .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sending pictures home

(Updated version of the story from my roving reporter at 7:51 am)

Every now and then. . .

my on the road reporter son. . . .

sends me an email with pictures that put a smile on my face.

I'm not talking one of those forward emails. . .

I'm talking about pictures that he knows. . .

I'd have taken too. . .

had the opportunity arisen.

He was heading home from work(to work) one day when he noticed the google street view camera car coming behind (ahead of ) him.

Being the conscientious driver he is. . .

he allowed (raced to catch up to it)it to pass. . .

and snapped it's picture.

Now. .

the difference between him and I. . .

is that I would have called him straight away and told him what I had done. . .

but instead he waited . . .

until the street view was available online.

That was when he sent me ...

the link to the screen shot you can see below.

Have you seen the google street view vehicle come past you?

I wonder if it will come past the bungalow. . .

I have my eyes open wide.

It's a grammie day. . .

and grandgirlie and I are heading to the fabric store.

It's been about 28 years since I've attempted that with a toddler.

I'll let you know how that works out.

All for now. . .

Monday, October 12, 2009


Late Sunday afternoon .. .

the bungalow emptied .. .

and we went for a walk.

If the leaves are slow to color. .

the holly is ready to fill in.

I'll be smiling at this Thanksgiving card. . .
for many days.
Inside. . .a picture drawn by the lil' farm hand . . .
of the things he is thankful for.

Saturday afternoon applesauce making event.

I hope your weekend stacked up well. . .

It is Thanksgiving Monday.

. . .and. . .I am.

All for now. . .