the boys weekend

Before last weekend .. .

I went to buy the essential ingredients to make the boys weekend . . .

all that they hoped it would be.

Fresh salami. . .fresh pepperoni and fresh jerky.

I did the menno mom thing .. .made them fresh buns . . .

and some apple pie.

On Friday morning . .

we woke up early. .

got dressed and got back in the truck.

With a stop at Hope for some refueling at the Whitespot. . .

we arrived home in time for chores.

I gave him my old camera that sometimes works. . . .

and requested pictures for documentation purposes.

Later . . .near noon. . .we said our goodbyes. . .

and he hooked up yet another trailer. . .

while I finished packing my bag.

The boys joined him in the evening.

They claimed their spots to sleep. .

and enjoyed an evening around the fire.

We emailed back and forth. .

I phones and notebooks ..

comparing our weekends.

The boys version of fun. . .is "roughing it".

The text message they most often received. . .?

Be careful .. .don't break anything. . .have fun!

The camera I sent. . .took six pictures. . . three of them focused .. .sort of.

Tomorrow. .what girls do for fun.


  1. Can't wait to see what the girls' weekend was like! (Better, I'm thinking, than the guys'...)C

  2. Oh those guys. My son is on a horse ride in Missouri and they have a shower maybe once and don't shave all week. And of course they eat beans, beans and more beans.

  3. Well, three sort-of focused photos are better than none! Boys and their activities...they scare me!!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your fun! (I'm laughing at QMM's comment about beans!)

  4. Mine is going bow hunting later this month, where the biggest concern is NOT the black bears in the upper peninsula, but the wolves, who aren't afraid of anything!!! I think when he is gone I will have to spend my time interceding for them!!!

  5. Looks like a perfect outing for the boys! I'm glad they managed 6 photos :0)

  6. So it ws a success...right? Good food...a little 'roughin it'...and a lot of fun!

    And I'm sure the girls were happy with their outing as well. And you took more than six pic's, right?

  7. Sounds like a great idea to me. Guys and their fun...and girls with theirs. I am proud of them, that they actually captured three pictures. I bet there will be more of the girl's outing. My husband and son-in-laws would have been thrilled to be on their outing.

  8. Men are Men, and always will be...that's why sometimes they need their own little getaways.
    Father and son's! Great planning Lovella, but who had the children?

  9. They actually took pictures? Well, I would hope they would think about you - at least when they eat.

  10. Just found your blog! Love the pics! Love the dress story! how baby girls! Can't wait to try all your recipes!


  11. Just boys
    With toys
    Making noise
    Filled with joy.

  12. I clearly remember packing the food for the annual hunting trips....and I remember how dirty they were upon returning home with 'meat' for the freezer. What a great way for your guys to spend time together. Kathy

  13. I love how the first picture is of meat. :)
    That in itself says there's a very good boys weekend to be had. :)


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