the little steamer that could

Far be it from me to claim to love housework. . .
but this week. . .
I got a jump start on my "Saturday Work".
I've been cleaning house on Saturdays for the last 31 1/2 years.
About mid week. . .
I do a tidy .. .
which is different than "Saturday Work".

The kitchen floor gets a damp cloth every few days.
The area is so small that I can crouch the two minutes it takes me. .
but for bigger jobs. . .
I prefer hands and knees around the edges and a damp mop for the centers of the rooms.
The bigger areas only see a mop about once a month.

In my last housekeeping post .. .

I mentioned that I have learned from others and this little steamer is no exception.

My mom by love mentioned that she invested in a steam cleaner for her floors. I was about to purchase a new mop and when I saw this little steamer in the store. . . I picked it instead of my usual mop.

The instructions claim that the steam will last 20 minutes with a full tank.

I completed our 1200 square feet of flooring in less than 20 minutes. .

and as you can see. .

it did a fine job.

I used it on the tile in the bathrooms and the laundry room.

Every now and then I bent over to runner my finger over the floor .. .

just to make sure it felt clean.

It uses no detergent. .

only steam.

At the end of the job. .

the washable mop cover (which I humbly offer as exhibit A) was tossed in the wash. . . .

and my "Saturday work" list got a bit shorter.

I like my new little steamer.

All for now. ..


  1. I just purchase one as well and love it! Especially that they use no we have a little grandbaby toddling around.

  2. With all of these new tile floors, this looks just like something I've been needing/wanting! I'll have to look into it! Thanks, Lovella!

  3. It looks like it is safe for wood floors since obviously the pics show that you have them....what store did you find it in....I have wood floors throughout and would love to make life a little easier!

  4. Now this is just what I need. You, helped me how with this valuable info on a product that I did not know about. And, how fun that you shared the results on the white pad with us. I want one of these little steamers. Thank you!

  5. Great information - It is always helpful to know what can make those ongoing chores a little easier with good results. I am convinced...and I will be shopping for one of these today! Thanks.

  6. I love your wood floors, they are gorgeous...
    I had one of those (when they first came out) and my linolium is 15+ years old and it brought the glue to the surface. So now the black glue (the only kind at the time) under the flooring is showing through the cream color linolium. Not good!!! I am going to replace the flooring anyway... soon...

  7. I want one! My kitchen and 2 baths are vinyl, and with the dogs in and out and a husband who won't wipe his feet, not to mention a messy cook (me), I sure could use something that really got those hard surfaces clean! Thanks for the report, Becky

  8. I found mine at Costco by the vacuum cleaners. . .

    Oh . .it does warn about testing on a small surface too ..and I think it says something about glue on vinyl foors. . .thanks for the warning for those that have older floors.

    On my wood floors. . I keep it moving, I wouldn't let it sit on the floor in any one sport for any length of time.

  9. Oh now that looks like a fun piece of machinery. Your floors look fabulous :0)

  10. Thanks for the recommendation -- I have heard this before, but I'm too cheap to purchase it for myself, however I did see that London Drugs had it on sale a little while I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for it to go on special again!

  11. Costco here I come! In fact, I'm headed over to your neck of the woods this afternoon (weekend conference) and will go to your local Costco.....something that always helps fill the early evening hours when I'm on my own! We have tile from the front door through to the back and it is a lot of floor to scrub on hands and knees. Thanks for this tip.

  12. Those steamers are great!!

  13. That's the exact steamer I have! A friend of mine had bought it but didn't use it, so she gave it to LUCKY me! I love it.

  14. OK, now I have mixed feelings. Some love it, others don't, some don't know...I think I would still prefer a house keeper...Do they come by in the same shape, and only for 20 minutes.
    I don't want to even compare our housekeeping techniques. I like to clean like Shirly Temple, just around the edges...
    Enjoy your machine and I will keep asking you...
    Does it clean the grout in tiles?

  15. Has anyone ever tried using it on laminate?

  16. Did I mention that I have a vacuum fetish? Seriously I am addicted to makes me happy, as I feel like I am accomplishing such a big deal with such little effort.

    I love yours. Our wood floors need refinishing...there is no seal left on them. It is on my Knight's to-do list. One of those jobs that is nearly impossible to accomplish with 7 kids, a huge hairy dog and three inside only cats at bay. Perhaps when he checks this off I can save up for one of your kinds.

    Your floors look lovely.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  17. Now that's a very impressive machine - I'm looking it up. I use a swiffer vac - which I like a lot - even though the battery doesn't last all that long. It makes me move faster. I'm looking your steamer up online. Thanks for the info Lovella.

  18. Never seen one of those...a must have I think. Kathy

  19. So do you still vacuum first and then steam? And why can't they make a machine that would do exactly that. Being able to add some scent to the steam would be good.
    Oh...and they could also run some steam up on a wand so you could get a good start on a facial while you work.

    I'm planning on getting one...and I sure would like to find one with all those options too.

  20. Hmm that looks like a handy little piece of equipment. I have been looking for a good mop. Now I think I have found something better :D

  21. I got it - thanks to your recommendation! It went on special yesterday @ London Drugs for $54.99 (so $60 w/ tax) - Can't wait to use it today! Thanks again!


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