a day in the life of. . .

  • up at 6:55 to turn on the porch light. . .and splash water on my face
  • smile as the headlights come up the drive
  • kisses and greetings all around
  • whole wheat pancake batter goes into the pan
  • kisses and goodbyes and waves at the window
  • the dishwasher is emptied and the cutlery drawer is reached and all the cutlery is tossed in. . .(her chore)
  • kisses and goodbyes as grandpa heads out to do chores
  • Sunday school song practice at the piano. . . (we are secretly practicing several numbers with actions)
  • looking through the last 3 publications of the American Girl Magazine. . .looking for the puppy page
  • dollies are all fed and taken for several laps around the house. . purse over shoulder. . (very cute)
  • an audience during makeup application with half an eye on her lip balm application
  • dressing for going to fabric store
  • a short visit with my cousin in the fabric store . . .very fun . ..I love a show and tell opportunity
  • back to the farm to make grandpa lunch
  • make macaroni and cheese with the emphasis on cheese
  • eat lunch and listen to the request for a cookie from the freezer
  • retrieve the cookie bag from the freezer and enjoy cookie compliments
  • naptime. . .and several quick phone calls and and some office work and a bit of sewing
  • nap over. . .call to grandpa for coffee .. .grapes and cheese and milk
  • an invitation to play which includes. ..musical instruments. . .we are allowed to each have one. . . .( I use this opportunity to do a few more stanza's of our Sunday school songs. .which reminds her of the piano and we repeat. .with piano)
  • goodbyes and kisses as Grandpa goes back to the barn to get ready for baby chicks tomorrow. . (lots of chattering about chickens)
  • dinner preparation with the kitchen stool maneouvered around for the most advantageous view
  • a small cucumber is found in the sink .. .and it is devoured like it is the best candy ever. . .and I need to wash another cucumber for salad
  • Grandpa comes in greetings and kisses all around
  • Daddy comes back. . .greetings and hugs
  • toys are put away. .
  • kisses and hugs waves and blown kisses for good measure
  • smiles
  • and it's just the two of us again

It's a good life being a grammie!

I'm very thankful!

All for now. . .


  1. That sounds like a perfect day!!

  2. Your grammie days do begin early!
    I love how you've documented this...not that you'd be likely to forget those "greetings and kisses all around" and "kisses for good measure"...sweet!

  3. Another one for the memory book.
    Did you ever journal your days as a mother? I often did, and sadly few of them were as charming as your day as a grammie. Seems motherhood involved a lot more tedious tasks which too overshadowed the small delights of little ones. Was a motherhood day for you at all like your day as a grammie to a grandgirlie?

    (I did have one friend who wrote lovely poems about her early mothering days. I'm not sure if she kept it up when her second and third arrived and elderly mom moved in with her.
    I should ask...maybe the poems even got sweeter...you never know.)

  4. A wonderful day in the life of a grammie. Such blessings..I know you are counting them!

  5. That sums it all up so nicely...it's a good life, being a grammy! It feels like a reward, somehow...the icing on the cake. And your day with grandgirlie sounded most fun.

  6. This is my first visit to your blog. I came to you by way of Farmer Girl Cyn. What an inspiration you are.

    I'll be back.

  7. Ha! Now that's a full day! Blessings...

  8. The best kind of day ...........

  9. Great thoughts and nuggets from the life of a grammie living in the country. Isn't it wonderful to record these memories?
    I love grammie days.

  10. I loved this peek into your grammie day. So special.

  11. I loved having a glimpse into your grammie day. How precious!
    Oh and the kisses. One can never have too many kisses from tiny lips. :)

  12. So fun ... aside from the early morning! You would eventually forget the details ... because life goes on ... and there are other details . . . so it's very good you have them written down.
    Thank you for letting us all imagine how it is ... even for those who are still wating and those whose grands are far away.


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