the girls weekend

The girls and I . . .

found a lovely room waiting for us on the 16th floor of the Westin in Bellevue.

We made a few stops on the way there. . .

and happily settled in our room for the evening.

The next morning. . .

after breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. .

we made our way across the skywalk . .

to the mall. . .

where we leisurely looked through the shops.

I found that lots of shops .. .

had headbands.

This is the one I loved. . .

the one I purchased. . .

.. . "less is more".

We enjoyed dinners in our room. . .

since our special little girl needed early bedtimes.

Kanneloni Macaroni had a free ticket to shop this year.

The year she turns ten . . .

she'll come again. (I did the math .. .I'll be sixty.)

On Sunday evening. .

as we pulled into the yard. .

the trailer was being parked.

Timing is everything .. .

isn't it?

The boys were happy to see their girls. .

the girls were happy to see their boys. .

and the parents were happy to see their toddlers. . .

the weekend was a success.

All for now. .


  1. Such a cute headband! I would definitely prefer the girls' weekend adventure over the guys'! It's great that the girls were able to spend quality time together!

  2. What fun! My boys were out hunting on opening day - maybe I need to dream up a girls' alternative?

  3. How fun! Your family is very blessed.

  4. Love love girl weekends!!! and the headband is cute on ya!!! Getting away even for just a weekend really renews the spirit....

  5. There you were so close to my neck of the woods. What a fun thing to do with your girls...
    We like to go to happy hour at Palomino or Ruth Chris. Real good eats for cheap!

  6. Camping and hiking are great in the summer...come fall or winter they are only activities for the men. I like your version of the girl's hunting trip!

  7. Oh I've missed your humor. You don't always need to do the math, Hon. ;D

    Keep having fun and blessings to you all...

  8. Yep! You can get to my house going north on Bellevue Way (that road you have in your photo from the hotel) or the 405 Fwy. 15 minutes away from Bellevue and 15 minutes closer to Canada! :0)

  9. You've begun a tradition that will one day include granddaughters! And you'll still be young! Your family is blessed to know that building relationships by spending time with them is important to you. Sometimes it takes planning and sacrifice, but the end result is so worth it!

  10. I think it is such a wonderful thing you do with your girls. It's so nice to have a weekend you set aside each year....something for everyone to look forward to. Sounds like the perfecxt location so you don't have to waste time driving and finding parking every day. Hairband.....what else? Fun! Fun! Kathy

  11. What a blessing, you and your girls together for a time of fun, relaxation, and sharing. The headband looks good! I bet the youngest one received lots of love and attention. Great idea! I just might use it someday with my family.

  12. Oh how fun! Girly weekends are the best!! Looks like you had a great time.

  13. fun! I'd love to start such a tradition!!

  14. Keep working at it...It's wonderful to build traditions...but remember if they don't always work, we can always dream new traditions...
    Have fun with your family traditions.

  15. Sounds like everyone had a great weekend. Boys and girls. Good for you! Mary


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