pull up the blinds

I really like bare windows.

I'm sure that must say something about me. . .I have no idea what it is.

I've gone through the stages in my married life of different window treatments.

Our first home had off white sheers covering the living room windows completely with gold sheers pulled back with satin cords.

The second house. . . .

I was becoming less draped.

We had sheer window toppers with wide lace hems. . .and sheer side curtains. .

and now in this house. .

we have 2 inch wide venetian blinds.

I've discovered that I enjoy the color changes of each season and the less I'm bound by color on my walls and around my windows. . .the easier it is for me to bring the seasons into our home.

There is the odd day when I am surrounded by gorgeous fabrics in a fabric store. .that I get itchy to whip up some window treatments. . .

but on days like today. .

I have all the window treatment I need.

Pull up the blinds. . .

and let the color in.

All for now. .


  1. All a good picture needs is a good frame anyway.

    Scenes like that one makes me want to dust off my collection of Fall Carols music. Wanna go out caroling in the neighborhood later on?

  2. The view from that window is like artwork. Beautiful. Enjoy...

  3. I'm there with you, Lovella! Except for the "ornamental" drapes (they don't close, they only frame the window) that hang in the study, all of my windows (except one) have plantation shutters. The transom windows and the huge great room window are bare. I love the view through the great room window, so I don't plan to cover it completely... just hang some sheers that I can pull open.

    Speaking of windows, I splurged today and I'm having the windows, inside and out, professionally cleaned. He's here now and it's getting brighter by the minute!

    (I love the view through your window, too!)

  4. I like the idea of letting the seasons in too! Isn't if funny, though, how fashion trends may make us switch back again .. to drapes?
    Maybe not next time.. because we'll be really old and can do what we want and be old fashioned.

  5. Hi Lovella - I totally agree - I love bare windows too! Is that an age thing?!
    Please say Happy Birthday to Terrence from the Rempel's, wow, I can't believe he's 30 (we must be getting older!) Love, Flo

  6. Oh...pretty tree! From my view it is glistening palms way up high. Kathy

  7. very nice. Do you remove the blinds?


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