bedside lamp

Remember a few years ago when I was thrilled to find these old hospital night stands at our local MCC sale?

Ever since then. . .

we've been without bedroom lamps.

It's not that we really need lamps. . .

I can't remember the last time we've read in bed. . .

but . . .really .. .that is beside the point.

I remember my mom and dad having bedroom lamps. . .

one set. .

from the time I was born. . .

until the time they passed away.

I thought they were quite hideous.

They were about a foot tall. . .

had a clear glass globe with a hole at the bottom .. .

that could conveniently be used to tuck a silk pink rose. .

and was topped off with a white shade.

Ten years later. .

look what I bought.

I already have ideas forming in my mind. . .

for a sprig of holly tucked up from the bottom.

Life is funny sometimes isn't it?

I often smile and find myself feeling blessed that I find pleasure . .

to notice these small details. . .

that make me my mother.

I quite liked who she was.


  1. Oh what a neat post today. I find myself doing things like my mother. She was a saint and a classic woman.
    God is in the details is so true.

  2. This is such a neat post. I don't find myself doing things like her but the thing I like the most is using her stuff. She has went home to be with the Lord and when I use her stuff I remember the memories made with her. Have a great day Rebekah.

  3. I have many of those moments when I think 'I am my mother'..but then that's a good thing:)

  4. It always makes me chuckle when I catch myself being my mother. Love that bedside table!

  5. Oh yeah...something about turning into the '50s pasture makes us suddenly go retro. Is IKEA peeking at our childhood houme furnishing memories and re-creating them just for us?

    I love your lamps...they are the style that regularly gets a longing look each time I visit the store. After the holly has faded, Hawaiian sea shells could be a wonderful addition...or other tidbits from happy excursions.

  6. Funny, isn't it? As my MIL is now weeding through her lifetime of "things" and deciding what to take with her to her next "home," things that were ugly or outdated have suddenly become appealing to us! We went through the same thing with my mother about seven years ago.

  7. The same lamps throughtout their whole married life? It made me have to count ...
    Where did you find ... did you get two? I can just imagine the joy of finding your treasure!

  8. Did you find those at a resale shop? They just could be your mom's ....and you don't even know it. love 'em. Kathy


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