Terrence turns Thirty

I can remember the day this picture was taken.

Grandma and Grandpa came and picked you up and took you to the Antique Tractor Show.

It brought back all the memories of you and your young obsession with keys and sitting in the seat of anything that had a steering wheel.

The apple doesn't fall very far from the cart it seems.

I'm glad for all the memories that the last 30 years have made.

Good days. . bad days. . .boring days. . .exciting days. . .

all of them have shaped who you have become.

Today you turned thirty.
When I thought about the thirty years of your life . ..
I just became so thankful for all gifts you have recieved . . .
You have the gift of good health.
You have a sound and healthy mind.
You have been given the gift forgiveness.
You have been given strength to work hard to earn a living for your family.
You enjoy being with people. .
and that may sound overly simple but not everyone does . . and so I consider that a gift in your life.
You have wonderful parents in law who have treated you well and have accepted you as a son. They are such loving people. . .what a wonderful gift to have another set of parents.
You have good inlaw siblings.
You have a brother. . . .a good brother.
You have great Aunts and Uncles and cousins who were so important to you while you were growing up and who modeled how to live.
You had grandparents who loved you and prayed for you everyday.
You have a Grandma that loves you. ..prays for you and makes you cookies.
You have always had a very good Dad (perhaps a little biased here I know. .but it's still true).
You grew up in a home where family dinners were normal . ..every night. (they say that is important and I always smile when they say that. . since we just did it and didn't think it was unusual)

You have been given the gift of love.
You met a beautiful girl who who you fell in love with and who agreed to marry you.
Together you have been blessed to have a healthy son and now a healthy baby girl .. .
and every day you are blessed that Bea is such a fantastic mom and loving wife.
I smile now ..thinking that you married a girl that cuts up your apples for you.
Such a gift she is.
God has blessed you in so many ways.
I just wanted you to know today Terrence . . .
that God has provided you as a blessing in our life as well.
We join you in thanking God .. .for all the gifts.
Happy Birthday Terrence .. .
With love from Mom


  1. you should be so proud ... my son is this age ... he's seeming like such a man to me lately

  2. Wow! What a simple, heartfelt, and meaningful tribute to your handsome son. The blessings you mentioned(all of them) are gifts from God to us, and how thankful we are for them. I like the kind words that you included about your husband in your son's tribute. That says alot.

  3. And he was blessed and is still blessed with a wonderful creative and caring mom.

    If only the whole "recipe" could apply to all children, the world would be a much happiere place. Thankfully there are two more children, because of Terrance and Bea who will be raised as he was.

    Happy Thirty T2!

  4. A very happy birthday to Terrence! God is good!

  5. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Terrence!

  6. Happy Birthday Terrence. Lovella..a wonderful tribute to your son..and he definetly is blessed to have a very good mother!

  7. Funny, realizing the date, I thought, Oh of course it its Terrence's birthday. He was born on the day I was due with Kristal - just a year later. Am I the only one who remembers trivial stuff like that? That is why my memory bank is too full and I need to compresss to make more room. Ha!

    Lovella - - - so much to be thankful for! I can tell you heart is full! A very special day to celebrate!

  8. What a blessing - a very Happy Birthday to your boy!

  9. happy b-day Terrance....not only is all this true and more, but your mom humbly forgot to mention that you also have a great mom!
    now with all these gifts you have been given, you pass them on to your children.....what blessed kids.

  10. How could I have missed it!...must have been too much sun. Happy Birthday Terrance. All the best in the year ahead. Scot & Kathy


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