the boys are back

The group of guys in the picture above look rather serious.

They were standing up for my son. . who stands in the forefront.

The photo was taken in 2005. . .

and perhaps the thing I love about it the most... .

is that these guys still stand up for each other.

Last week one day. . .

a group of them showed up at our place to load the trailers with the necessary equipment to go into the bush .. .and "rough it" for a spell.

I missed capturing the rest of the boys who went . . .

but I was outside long enough to read them the riot act. . .

and ask a few "unnecessary" safety questions.

When I heard the trucks start up .. .

I quickly ran outside to take a picture of them going . . .

and to ask the Lord to bless them and to keep them all safe.

They are all family men now. . .

the whole lot of them.

It occured to me yesterday that. . .

even when your son is nearly thirty . .

you are still thankful for him finding. . .

and keeping ..

good friends.

Yesterday. . .

I was coming home from town. .

when one after another. . .

they passed me going the other direction.

It seems they had dropped off the necessary things at the farm. . .

and they were each anxious to get home to see their family.

I'm happy they are home.

All for now. ..


  1. Once a mom, always a mom... Recently, when "the boys" got together (the entourage along with my son, all 25 years and older) got together in my presence, It was like watching them when they were in college together and foolish. They all vowed to "not do that again". I just continually ask God to watch over them AND I KNOW HE DOES...

  2. What a gift good friends are, especially for a 'family man' who takes his responsibilities seriously. Other good family men are so important!

  3. Its so great to see guys that are friends and have fun together.

  4. Aww that is great that these guys 'still stand up for each other'..friendships like that are wonderful!
    And a Mom will always give those last min safety instructions..I do that with my children and now with the g'kids too.

  5. We became Moms for life, didnt' we?
    No one else can do the job ...but how good it is to, like you said, commit them to God's care . . . because He goes with them where we can't.

  6. Good friends (and especially for men) are a definite gift from the Lord. I hope my boys grow up with such a group.

  7. How nice they all live locally, and all are family men. May their friendships last them a life time!

  8. PS: I just got screened for life insurance. The question about whether or not I did off road, racing, parachuting, rock climbing, three wheeling, four wheeling etc was unexpected. I thought about all our sons...and wonder how their insurance rates are with all their "fun" activities.

  9. Boy can I relate to your momma's heart. My boy is 28 and I am always sending up prayers every time he goes on a "little adventure".

  10. Sounds like the men had a wonderful bonding time. And how wonderful to know that they are all home safe again. I'm sure the wives enjoyed those few days alone, after most of them probably packed those men.
    We are blessed by some wonderful men.
    I don't think we ever stop praying for our men...

  11. Yes.. safe at home where all loved ones should be!
    A touching post , Lovella...


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