new prints for the dining room

Wind and rain in the forecast. . .
suits me just fine.
I went and picked up my new 12 X 18 inch prints for $2.99 each.
I'm skipping my autumn prints and going for bare trees. .
since that will be the case very shortly.
I was happy with my new cocoa purchase as well.
I smiled as I dipped my teaspoon into the powder.. .
because I know that there is no teaspoon handle long enough when we're at the bottom of the can.
All for now. .


  1. That bare tree print is so moody...very nice. Enjoy the cocoa!

  2. You must never let the tin get empty ... Best stuff to drink on a blustery day .. Have a great day !!! Ruby

  3. What a good idea to use those prints. I do like the bare tree print, and of course the cocoa is a given in the Fall and Winter. With your fast amount of creativity I know you will find a way to retreive the cocoa on the bottom.

  4. You make me want some cocoa - not Quik either - good old-fashioned cocoa.

    I like your prints. My sister changes her pictures/pillows/throws seasonally but I've never been able to keep up with it.

  5. PS - except on my blog of course!! :) It's so easy to do it digitally.

    Have I mentioned how much I love your autumn banner? It's beautiful!

  6. Your prints are pretty .. but did they come with a snow can to update them when the snows soon fall? smile..
    And so is the Cocoa can pretty, I haven't seen that one yet.
    And of course the cups inviting!! smile....

  7. You drink your cocoa and we'll continue with our milkshakes and slurpies. I'd make you one if I saw you and your house pull around the corner. bring the cocoa...the evenings can be cocoa nights. Kathy


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