In search of color

On Thursday. . .
as soon as chores were done. . .
we hooked up the trailer and off we went.
We planned a camping trip up the Coquihalla Highway at Larson Hill.

Last time this year. .
the poplars were letting their golden leaves float down like confetti.
This year. . .
they teased. . .
not yet.

It is amazing though what one can find in the forest.
We each picked one of these very organic and very natural and surely very healthy apples.
They were small....
but tasty.

We went for a long walk along the old Kettle Valley railway trail.
It starts in Hope British Columbia and heads up through the Coquihalla River Gorge.
We made a note to bring our tandem bike for our next visit.
All along the trail .. .
remnants of the train tracks are visible.
We found a few old spikes. . .
which we could easily carry. .. .
and lots of old tossed to the side. .
railway ties that .. .
we left for more ambitious souvenier hunters.

We noted that having a picture op on the bridges reconstructed for walking. . .
was popular for man and beast.
Can anyone tell me what this little guy is?

I searched for the answer. . .but decided it was easier to ask you.
My guess. . .a mink.

We walked several miles. . .
and turned back to our river side camp spot.

A simple dinner. . .

and a quiet evening. . .
the perfect start to a great weekend.
Tomorrow .. .
the rest of the weekend.
All for now. .


  1. oh how wonderful, how serene. Time to just listen to the outdoors. I love being outside like that! Just time to chill and let your cares and worries disappear for a short while. I truly think if everyone did this just once, people could de-stress a little. Thanks for sharing your outdoor quiet time with us.

  2. What a beautiful time to be together. Outdoors where nature rules. HH who is really into animals, agrees that is a mink. Our leaves have not turned much either.

  3. Fall camping is looking good over here! We do have many great opportunities right at our fingertips. Thanks for sharing a few lovely scenes from 'up the hill...and down the way'!

  4. Looks like a great adventure Lovella. Love that little guy who posed for you!

  5. The last of using our wonderful fall weather. WOnderful to enjoy the natural settings of our own province.
    Our province boasts of it's beauties and should be so proud to be hosting the Winter Olympics.
    Wiener roasts are my favorites...
    Quiet walks, while I walk my barns every day.

  6. So Fall is later than last year?That tiny creature - I've never seen one! I can't believe he just sat there! Thank you for the little history lesson . . . . I think this must be be the place someone tried telling us about on the weekend. Don't know if I've ever heard of it before.

  7. Pretty camp-out scenery! I do hope a bit more color arrives up there. We drove up the canyon yesterday and the aspens, still green, were heavy with snow. Is it fall or winter here?

    Cute little minkie! Good fast cameral work there!

  8. Love your camping spot. We often look down on a camping area as we head up Larson Hill on our way to our cabin near Merritt...and think it is lovely. I'm fairly certain your little critter is a weasel.We have them at the cabin too!

  9. I think your little curious critter (sooo cute) is a weasel. Mink live near water.
    Other than that fact there are hard to tell apart.
    Sounds like you are having our kind of 'get away'. smile
    Beautiful photos ! and just at breakfast this morning I said to Vic how late the leaves are turning this year... Usually by the end of Oct. the last coloured leaves are ready to be blown off.. but this year they are still all green !!

  10. I was doing the same thing this weekend - not camping - but looking for colour. I'm not sure what creature is - I had a fox pose for me - accidentally - he just happened to be in the frame when I snapped - looking straight at me :)

  11. This falls into the category of a perfect weekend getaway in my book. The peace, quiet, the leaves turning, the smells and the campfire...what could be better!!

  12. Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend! Makes me want to go too. :)

  13. Love your post...Your little friend in the photo is least weasel.
    He is so cute!


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