quick cake

Note to self. . .

slower is quicker.

So . . .

let this be a lesson to you. . .

making cake. . .and emptying the dishwasher. . .

and throwing in a load of towels. .

simultaneously. . .

should not be attempted . . .

once you reach the year of jubliee.

All for now. . .


  1. OHHH, been there''' more than once!
    Power isn't always a good thing :)

  2. hmmm, that looks awefully familiar....smile

  3. You will tell your sons about this, won't you? They will appreciate the heads up on needing to get your room ready at the old folk's home.

    I'm sure they and Terry will be happy to visit you there often. (...maybe we could be roommates!)

  4. Nooooooooo! It's a good thing you've got that new steamer.
    Oh....and I am 100% copycat because I got one too. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Was that an 'upside down cake' you were attempting? It's sure easier to smile when it happens in someone else's kitchen.

  6. Were you peeking into my kitchen yesterday while I was making bread?

  7. Take heart..... it doesn't work when you're 36 either!

  8. My kitchen had a similar experience yesterday, when my niece was over to help me. That is when I told her a phrase my father, "Opa" told us many times: "more hurry, less speed". For many years, that made no sense to me - later, the light came on! Dairymary

  9. Thanks for the smile here . . .I would blame it on that machine, because that is what ususally happens when I use either one of my daughters' Kitchen Aids.

  10. Been there!

    My weakness seems to be when I'm baking cookies. I'll also throw in a wash - and put things away in another room - and then take a picture of the way the sun is shining through the window . . .

    and then I smell the burning.

    Can I really blame it on our advancing years? :)

  11. Seriously...you have me laughing. This is our signature act. It must be a best friend thing. Flour is one thing....I had the wet beater spray on me, the floor, counter, glass cupboard door....but I did manage to get the other important things done while the machine did it's thing. Glad you got things under control. Kathy

  12. I am so glad you are able to laugh at yourself - Thanks for the good chuckle this morning .....
    Love Ruby

  13. Time to get that cool floor steam cleaner thingee out again :0)

  14. Thanks for the chuckle Lovella..been there too:)

  15. Oh goodness...I just did this, but the batter was 'wet' and so I had sticky cake batter everywhere!
    The gooey stickiness blended in so well with it's surroundings, I was wiping for a good portion of the day.

  16. Ohh! I've done that ! how come they don't make mixers with lids ?? smile...
    slower is better as lesser is more??

  17. Thanks for making us all feel better. This could totally happen to me!


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