sending pictures home

(Updated version of the story from my roving reporter at 7:51 am)

Every now and then. . .

my on the road reporter son. . . .

sends me an email with pictures that put a smile on my face.

I'm not talking one of those forward emails. . .

I'm talking about pictures that he knows. . .

I'd have taken too. . .

had the opportunity arisen.

He was heading home from work(to work) one day when he noticed the google street view camera car coming behind (ahead of ) him.

Being the conscientious driver he is. . .

he allowed (raced to catch up to it)it to pass. . .

and snapped it's picture.

Now. .

the difference between him and I. . .

is that I would have called him straight away and told him what I had done. . .

but instead he waited . . .

until the street view was available online.

That was when he sent me ...

the link to the screen shot you can see below.

Have you seen the google street view vehicle come past you?

I wonder if it will come past the bungalow. . .

I have my eyes open wide.

It's a grammie day. . .

and grandgirlie and I are heading to the fabric store.

It's been about 28 years since I've attempted that with a toddler.

I'll let you know how that works out.

All for now. . .


  1. That's really cool! Check google maps to see if it's been by your house yet. I'm in a gated community and the google street view car won't enter gates. I guess that's out of respect for the owners' privacy.

  2. Oh now that would have caused me to wonder and pause...
    Have fun at the fabric store! :0)

  3. Perfect photos!!! how fun! I hope you have fun at the fabric store! I'm so eager to find out what I'm having so I can make a trip too. :)

  4. Google maps had a blurb up the other day that they had just finished photographing Canada.

    At the time I wondered if they would catch your place this time, and just how far up into the vast frozen wasteland (that hopefully actually holds something more useful than just snow...I'm thinking oil here...) the camera guys would venture.

    Google maps caught my mom and dad walking towards their house, and my dad's boat (now sold) was in the driveway. I wonder how often Google plans on refreshing their photos...if it is a one time deal, then future generations will be able to see their great grands in front of their house as it was in the early 21st century.

    Anyone who has an address of an ancestor can now "visit" (via Google maps)the old homestead, or at least the place where the old home stead stood.

    Census as far back as 188o include addresses, and the censuses are on line now in most public libraries. If you know great great grandparent's names and the area they lived in, just ask a librarian to help you find the appropriate census report with the information.

    Someday maybe wandering Mennonites will be able to visit their great grands Russian villiages on line!

    Kudos to your son, and excellent work on your part getting a granddaughter addicted to fabric early on. Another year and she can sew her first dress like the other three year old that we've read about!

  5. Hahahahahahaa. That's awesome. I'll be keeping my eye open for that google camera and flash you a big grin, likely with my tongue out.

  6. Oh...what fun! And I love that the roving reporter sent corrections. From what was reported by the media last week...people were all up in arms about 'invasion of privacy' by google camera, etc...but those of us who have nothing to hide obviously aren't too upset when coming upon a camera car.

    Have fun fabric shopping. Does she get to pick out the fabric?

  7. I have not heard of the google camera car, but I think I would have handled just like your son did.

    As for the fabric store, let us know how it went. But, even better can we see what you created with that fabric?

  8. S. must have known his mom (you) would have enjoyed the photo. They are always coming up with something new and interesting that gets our attention. If I see the camera I will give it a smile and a wave. Enjoy the shop. Kathy

  9. There's always something new...I had to read that catch it.
    Now I will be watching for it. Nice truck!
    I'm sure you will have better luck with her, than taking a 5 year old grandson.
    Have a good day!

  10. Oh that was neat. My son lives in Texas and he e-mailed me a picture of where I lived before I married. It has been torn down and a parking lot is there, next to the Doctor's office. We even found the house where my in-laws lived in a little tiny hamlet in Ky. I think it is neat. You can move those pictures around and get neighbors homes and yours and all the streets.


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