Primed and Fitted

Remember the green and black Merc?

Remember the recent picture of the frame going for it's fitting?

I wasn't invited to attend the fitting. .

I'm a girl.

I did send the camera along though ..

because things still need documentation.

So ..
it seems. . .
things fit fine.
From my standpoint. .
it is quite wonderful to see how all the metal work that took many hours in our shop. . .
now looks like it has always been there.

He apologized for the poor lighting in this picture.
He did his best.
Soon. .
very soon there will be some test samples painted.
I know I'm a girl. .
but I plan to attend that event.
It's all good here in the bungalow. . .
if I told you what I was doing today. .
you'd never believe me. .
so. .
I'll just say. .
All for now. .


  1. Hmmm...looking forward to hear about what you're up to today!

    It's required that you attend the paint sampling event. After all, you'll be looking at - and riding in - that Merc for a long time!

  2. You are definitely a tease! Curiouser and curiouser :)

    Looking forward to the final unveiling of the Merc - will there be a christening? You know, like a ship? Although I can't see anyone being allowed to smash a bottle on T's baby.

  3. Islandsparrow poses an interesting question: how do you christen a "rod"? Pour a milk shake or Dr Pepper on its bumper? Must ponder iconic images of rods and food to answer this enigma.

    Lovella, in these crazy mixed up days, I am afraid I would believe just about anything. You could be giving birth to triplet Martians or judging a national dog show, qualifying for NASCAR or having tea with the Queen and Prince Harry today ...and I would simply be glad that you are 1. still a woman and 2. still married.

    (If you are on TV, you had better wrangle a clip for the blog!)

  4. Only you could make me look at a posting about a car, Lovella!
    You've got me attention with your tease for tomorrow.........

  5. Note to self: Remember to show Dear this post...
    You are quite the tease Lovella :0)

  6. Swinging from chandeliers now are we .... hmmmmmmmm Ruby LOL

  7. Normally, when I see a post on an old pickup truck, I don't pay a visit. That is unless you do the posting. Yes, you have the ability to keep me reading, smiling, and reading some more. And, because I have been reading your posts for quite a while, I am so curious as to what you are up to now.


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