what to do on sunny days

Tuesday the sun came out and the ladder went up.

Last year. . .

our winter came early and putting up Christmas lights became a good proof of ones manhood.

We are not about to take that chance again.

On Wednesday and Thursday the focus changed to the indoors. .

since the Hawaiian Express Rain Storm found it's way to the Canadian Coast.

My posts are short these days. .

it's a one minute decision of what to post.

Today I'll take a pause from my project and enjoy a day with the grands.

If my life becomes too busy for them. . .

I'll consider myself in trouble. .

It's all good. .

All for now. .


  1. I'd have to think real hard about what to do on sunny days, as we haven't seen much of it lately! Rain and more rain, with flooding this morning on many local roads. YIKES!

  2. I expect that we'll have lots more rainy days than sunny ones in the next month. We'll be putting up our lights (er...I mean, The Great Dane will be doing so!) any day now. We too were caught short last year - and it won't happen again!

  3. I can't remember what happened last year, but for some reason mine was up by the gables before we left for our cruise.
    Well, rain or no rain ... I'm off for my walk.

  4. Now that's some good looking ahead planning! Enjoy the grands...

  5. Good choice Lovella..have fun with the grands! But it sure is good to get ahead of the nasty weather to get the lights put up and all the outside work done.

  6. All of this is new to me...the lights up already thing. But, I do enjoy reading and learning from all of you in a different part of the world from me. Do the rain storms turn to snow soon, or is it all rain? Just wondering.

    I know you will have fun with the grands...I will be doing the same thing this weekend, without our lights up.

  7. yes, rain ... the little white lights will have to wait

  8. Both our guys are up on ladders today. Ours aren't seasonal lights for other reasons...and it's also wash and wax day here. rain...yikes...don't even see it coming our way. Kathy

  9. That man of yours is always busy, isn't he? ;)

    I guess since snow and ice aren't much of a worry for us, we'll wait another month before putting up any lights.

    I do remember hanging them when we lived much farther north...and trying to get those frozen-solid-strands down and thawed enough to put away after Christmas.

  10. We picked the worst of days both last year and the year before...and hope to do better this year. First we need to get home (tomorrow!)...and then it is time to start on the 'to do' list. Glad your lights are up and ready to go!


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