Jubilee. . part one. .

How to make a girl feel special. . .

on her year of Jubilee. .
Part one. . the flowers. . . .

If she is your grammie . .. give her a princess tiara . . .

and a bouquet in pink. . .with the prettiest blue vase.

If she is your Monday night dinner club friend .. .
(and Monday night happens to fall exactly on her 50th birthday)
make it special .. .
and then send her home with the centerpiece ..
Orange roses. . .and red tulips

If she is in your care group ..
have high tea with her at Tracy cakes. .

and give her ruffly edged yellow tulips. .

If she is your little sister. . .
when she least expects it. . .
send her a bouquet .. .and imagine her eyes getting a bit watery. .
because she is a wee bit sentimental.

If she is a cousin you rarely see. .
but you are family and family does sweet things. .
give her a bunch of tulips that are fresh and crisp and last for days.

If she is your niece. . .
love her. . .treat her with kindness and affirm her. . . .
invite her over for dinner with some of her cousins. . and then send her home. ..
with the loveliest lime tinged yellow roses.
(it is that kind of thoughtfulness that makes a beautiful lady. . .a favorite aunt)

If she is the girl you fell in love with. . .
and she still feels your love. . .after 31 years . .
give her dozens of yellow roses ..
the exact hue of her bridal bouquet. .
Tommorow. . the things that people do.
All for now. .with love,


  1. What a creative way to show all the beautiful flowers you received! You are a blessed lady, Lovella!

  2. Wow....you certainly can feel the love in this post. What a beautiful way ...as Vicki said...to show your flowers. Hmmmm...the backdrop is only a reminder of last week thankfully...or do yo still have snow? Yikes! Grin....Happy First Year of Jubilee

  3. What fun to see the variety of flowers and vases all in the snow. So that's the way you're keeping them all fresh!

    Beautiful, beautiful, you are one well-loved lady!

    (That orange and red bouquet was so unusual and striking. I've never seen such a unexpected delight in flower combinations.)

  4. Wow! Those are some pretty arrangements. What a lucky gal!

  5. Love this post with all the wonderful experiences that came with them...

  6. Wow..it WAS a good thing the furry weather forecaster got that last snow thing wrong...that blanket of snow made for the best backdrop to record the beauty of those flowers ...while the sweetness of friends and family was recorded in another way...in your heart forever.

  7. Gorgeous! You were truly showered with flowers!

  8. You do this blog thing so well. Lovely post Lovella and beautiful flowers, you are loved.

  9. What a rainbow of colours...and a beautiful post, Lovella!

  10. Lovella,
    Thank you for showing these beautiful flowers today,especially since I am so longing for spring time. This was a great post.

  11. How beautiful!!! What a week you must have had. It isn't hard to see why many wanted to celebrate you.

  12. SO beautiful!!!! You were certainly blessed!!! What lovely flowers (and I do like that lovely blue vase in the first photo). So glad you had such a special day!

  13. Wow...what an abundance of beautiful flowers! I'm sure you have blooms brightening every corner of the bungalow.

  14. Your post is filled with wonderful meaningful memories. A post you will cherish for along time.
    What a wonderful way to share your celebrations with us.

  15. Wow - a virtual florist shop! You are obviously loved and appreciated by all your famiy and friends. I love the way you showed them all off to us. That snowfall was the perfect backdrop.

  16. Oh how perfect! Your house must be a bower of flowers.

  17. How blessed you are Lovella, you sure are loved...and not only by your cute Knight....but by everyone your life touches.

    I love you too...happy Jubilee!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  18. Truly you are being showered with blessings of love this year. You could start a florist shop. Kathy

  19. I enjoyed all your flowers. You were "Showered with Flowers....and all so different in their own way. I felt as though I was shopping at 1 800 Flowers. (That may be a US thing).

    You must feel very loved and you should. You are a special lady.

    Kathy b

  20. Wow! All those flowers! I think people must know how much you love flowers!

  21. So many beautiful flowers to help celebrate the beauty of who you are!

  22. The flowers are lovely...interesting how the givers have selected their choices...all different, the message so caring! So fun...


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