I am constantly amused by my grandgirlie.

After raising two little boys who cared not one speck if anything in the world was fed but them. .

I have one wee one that understands mothering.

The bottle is rotated along the line. . and woe to the one that appears disinterested in eating.

William and Anna have occasionally requested a bit of lettuce ..

The fellow on the left was eyeing her cheese stick. .

ah .. .. 'tis all good in the bungalow. .

napping has begun .. .

In the next room .. .

I hear .. .

"row row row". .

If you could all just help with . . ."your boat"

All for now. .

with love,


  1. I'm smiling at this! I do remember my little Laura and her insistence that everyone be fed...and soon, very soon, she'll be feeding her own little one.

    I'm singing along now!

  2. the girls, yes ... we have one now ...she was just
    ONE ... she is a girlie girl already.


  3. I'm so happy that you get to experience the joy of a little girl too! So soon you'll be enjoying tea parties!

  4. How adorable! You're making me want to try out having grandchildren -- but maybe I should wait a few years. My little girl is getting so big though.

  5. Ahh g'children..they are the best! As Anneliese said..the tea parties are next.

  6. It sounds like you have cousin camp all under control...even the meals are distributed in assembly-line style! So cute. Having four grandgirlies...I notice how different the grandson is (although he is a total cuddle-bear...unlike many boys).

  7. Way to go.....It's called Wonderland.
    I love it.
    The excitement of these little ones.

  8. So darn sweet. Yep little girls are different from little boys :0)

  9. Awwww, she's a thoughtful little one, isn't she? What a big help she'll be in the kitchen one day. Oh, and I'm just grinning here imagining her little apron!

  10. Another member for MGCC :)

  11. How sweet! I raised an only son and so missed out on the delights of a girl-child, and no sign of a grandchild in the near future either. So I'm glad you and others share some of the best things with the rest of us!

  12. I remember my awe at some of the differences between my older boy and younger girl. Lots of laughs too!

  13. The New Boy likes his food and his electronics, namely his mama's cell phone!

    The Girlie makes me smile. I was thinking of Anna and William today. Eleanor was asking about them...

  14. One of the deepest joys I find in having my little girl (my only child) is watching her "nurture" her little baby doll. That maternal instinct that God has given is precious and wondrous to behold.


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