Peeking back to last year. . .at this time. . this was our life.

The lovely people at Napili Point Resort keep sending us emails. . .

coaxing us back . .so friendly. . so welcoming.

Now. . if they would just offer up some of their hospitality . .

money at par. . .we just might be working out a deal. .

but alas. .the little arrow next to our dollar value keeps pointing down.

For the life of me. .

I can't figure out. . .how the folks down south can have a stronger dollar than us up here in Canada?

Clearly their stimulus plan must be convincing someone.

Clearly. . .I did not attend business school.

Yesterday the sun was shining brightly ..
While the wee one napped .. .
I sat on my kitchen floor beside my kitchen door where the sun was streaming in.
I shut my eyes and soaked up the warmth through the window.

The fresh memory of little arms holding tight around my neck. . . .

had my heart beating with contentment.

I realized after posting yesterday that I had just published my 700th post.

Often . .. my writing is whimsical nonsense . .

Often it is a peek into the bungalow ..

moments in time that will make me smile in the years to come.

There have been memories that have come back to me. . . willing to be recorded.

But what of the title of my blog? What really does matter most to me?
On occasion .. . I share my faith ... hoping with all my heart that you too have hope.

We live in an imperfect world where pain is not far from any one of us . .

but the truth is still the same as I learned as a little girl. .

Jesus loves me. . .this I know,

for the Bible tells me so . .

Little ones to Him belong. .

they are weak . . .but He is strong. .

Yes. . .Jesus Love Me. . . Yes . .Jesus Love me. . .

Yes . ..Jesus Loves me. . .the Bible tells me so.

I may have grown up. . and I certainly did not remain innocent, each day I struggle with my "humanness" but the Bible and its truths remain the same.

Many of you stop by each day . . .perhaps for just a moment.

From time to time. .

I've considered making my blog private, a place where I could share my private and personal thoughts.

Let there be no question of my reason for keeping my blog public .. .

It is my deepest desire, that those that visit me every day . . whether I know you or not..

and all those I hold dear. .

will also share eternity with me.

It is not that I pridefully assume that you would wish to be like me .. .

but rather that you would see in me. .

a hope and an honesty . . .for what possible reason would I have to mislead?

All for now. .

with love,


  1. ...I so love to stop by for a visit every day...thankyou


  2. Congrats on your 700th post, Lovella! Please, please don't ever make this blog private. I think you have a wonderful ministry here, and you have so much to say and to share. If just one person has gained hope - has found that Perfect Love - then you have followed your calling...to share your faith, your heart, the Truth.

    Oh, how I love Jesus...and He does indeed love me...you...all of us!

  3. I've just found you and am enjoying getting to know you :)
    Congratulations on your 700th, that's alot of writing!

  4. Lovella, what a joy it has been these last months since I found 'What Matters Most', to read your words, bits of your life, and learn the depths of your faith. Just so you know, you are a blessing to me! BeckyG.

  5. Beautifully said, Lovella.

    Your comment about the stimulus package made me grin. Sure it was a wry grin, but a grin. "All smoke and mirrors" as John would say. I don't know what will become of it all, but I do know that God is still in control.

    The joy of What Matters Most for me is that it is a window into another's world with just enough commonality that I don't feel that I've arrived on Mars. ;>

    Thank you for everything you do and hearty congratulations on your 700th post!

  6. First of all - Congratulations on #700...Wow!!!
    Second - I'm glad that you are not making this private. I'm sure that there are many, like me, who enjoy the window into your world, but are also inspired by some of your posts. Other words come to mind as well - affirmed, uplifted, encouraged.....

  7. Thank you Lovella for sharing your heart. I found your blog last fall through 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook", and I must tell you that it inspired me as I began my own blog journal. Keep on posting "What Matters Most" as your writing has blessed me.

  8. Thank you Lovella for sharing your heart. I found your blog last fall through 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook", and I must tell you that it inspired me as I began my own blog journal. Keep on posting "What Matters Most" as your writing has blessed me.

  9. Well said Lovella. So I didn't even know that our lousy dollar was doing better. I don't understand those things at all but I do know that Jesus loves me, too. Blessings on your day...

  10. 700 posts..wow Lovella that is quite something. Your blog inspires me, gives me joy..and a giggle here and there. You are a blessing to many!
    And now I am humming..'Jesus loves me'..

  11. I enjoy your stories, and appreciate your honesty, and your willingness to share your faith with strangers in this way. And you have such a simple way of doing so. Thank you. Dairymary

  12. That picture of you sitting on the grass overlooking the water is perfect. What happy memories!

    Lovella - you encourage every day - whether it is in the sharing of the simple and lovely day to day moments or in the most deep and tender times.

    Who knows who may just stop by and be encouraged by "what matters most"

    I know that I, and so many others, have. Thank you!And congratulations on your 700th post! Looking forward to many more.


  13. I know that it's not always easy to know how to share what really matters, but you have done so again, in a way that I see only genuine love coming through ... these thoughts are too precious to keep private.

  14. You've made public what many of us keep quiet about...the things that really matter most! Thanks for your continued words of encouragement...and truth...for all to read.

  15. I've just recently discovered your blog and enjoy it so much. Thank you for openly sharing your faith in Jesus. He truly does love us, and He is the one who will sustain us through difficult times.


  16. and that is why folks keep coming back my dear.....

  17. Lovella, You've expressed here my reasons for keeping my blog public and if I don't say much about my faith it's only because I hope my faith shines through even with few words.

    In answer to your questions about dollar values--I have no idea, either!

  18. I am so thankful that you did not decide to make your blog private. I truly enjoy my visits to your blog. Your post today is so meaningful, and inspired me in a special way. Congratulations on your 700th blog. Keep on posting and I will keep on visiting.

  19. I can't believe it 700? Wow,
    God has blessed you in your writing skills and has given you the faith to share with other people.
    We know your prayer. It is evident and it has encouraged many of us to talk about the Things That Matter.
    Have a wonderful weekend and it's wonderful that your computer is up and running.
    Blessings to you as you continue to share publicly the glimpses of Real Life.

  20. Want to say thanks for all the wonderful blogs and encouragments you've given. I too say "please keep it public". It's always very enjoyable.

  21. Amen and thank you for this beautifully written and inspirational post. Being able to share our faith in such a public forum, how fantastic is the internet! I will leave you with this scripture. "I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world." Romans 1:8

  22. Oh those pictures would make me homesick to go back to that beautiful place! Congratulations on 700 posts! That's terrific. We are all blessed by your beautiful posts.


  24. Your creative juices run freely throughout your blog! Your enjoyment of the daily activities that happen on the farm, the fun you have with others, the memories you are creating with your family all add up to a life that is lived to honor the Lord. You have freely and clearly shared your love for Jesus with those who stop by your blog for a visit. In the end...that IS all that will matter. Thanks for the times I've been blessed and encouraged through your words. Kathy PS I love when you make me smile and laugh too.


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