Birthday Blessings

This should have been ready for you when you woke up this morning . .but alas .. the Internet connections here are a bit snippity. I nearly came unhinged .. .but this morning, it seems a small window of clarity in the connections department. . .
So . .before it closes once again .. . We love you .. .and pray that your day will be lovely. . you are a wonderful daughter. . .

We received a call yesterday from the farmer and it seems that we can carry on with no worries. . and so we will .. .heading south to Depoe Bay .. there is a spot with an ocean view . ..with our name on it.
We continue to have a wonderful time. Saturday I had my storm .. .goodness. . .hail and all.

My breakfast is ready .. .
All for now. . with love,


  1. I think the unhinged bit comes with age...I, too, nearly...oh heck why deny it? I DID come unhinged with Blogger this morning and am now just in a snit and refuse to even attempt putting up my post. I am taking it as a sign from God. This is the sign: There are bigger fish to fry, Vee, get busy scrubbing that toilet.

    Glad that you can carry on without returning to farming duties. I'm very impressed with your help.

  2. Oh, and is there anything better than mixing metaphors? I just love it!

  3. Glad you had an internet breakthrough! Happy birthday to the daughter!!

  4. Yes, Happy Birthday to the lucky girl! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy birthday to your DIL who lives on the hill I can see out my kitchen window. I pray her a special day and year of blessings from above. I know you love her so very much, and she will feel the love from you if she reads your post today. Glad you are having such fun. A storm...I'm sure it was sent just for your pleasure. Safe journeys. Kathy

  6. I was having Internet problems this morning too.

    Happy Birthday to your DIL - hope she has a wonderful day!

    Love those little ornaments. I saw them at a gift shop - I think I shall have to go back and get them. They're too cute.


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