The Apron from Vee

It wasn't that long ago. . I smiled when I opened up the note from Vee. . and she begins by apologizing for being slow. . .

Goodness me. . .when a girl makes an apron to order. . .asking me what colors I love most. .I figure she needs a wee bit of time putting it together.

I must have commented at the perfect time on her win an apron post. . .

because when the name was drawn. . it was me.

When I was a young thing. . .I had a bit of a "must do. . must try" thing.
Every time my mom sewed me up a new dress. . .(this one appears to be quite springy and just now I wish I had it. . . ) . .I would just have to sit down at the piano and give it a whirl.
Why is that do you think? I must confess, I've done it a few times even after being married. Perhaps I fancied myself a concert pianist. . .

So. . .when I opened up the apron from Vee, I could hardly get the cute little frock tied around my waist and I was running for the kitchen aid. . to whip up some buns. I'm all about keeping it nice for company .. but I just needed to see if it would feel comfy and .. .oh it did.

Fantastic news. . it makes good buns too. Vee, I love the apron, it is the nicest apron I own. .comfy. . easy to care for. . and oh so cute. Thank you so much.

The pattern is just a whiz to sew up. . stay tuned for more on that ..

All for now . .

with love,


  1. How pretty! It looks just fabulous on you!

    Does this mean that if I find - and wear - the perfect apron, I can whip up those wonderful buns, too?

    Seriously, Vee did a beautiful job with the apron, and that vintage linen makes it very special.

  2. It's so pretty and spring-like.

    Wish I could sew...

    I always consoled myself by saying "well I can't sew but I can play piano"

    But I notice you do both!


  3. Lovella, it looks wonderful on you! I'm so glad.

    And how exciting that the added bonus is that it helps to make good buns, too. I'll have to remember that! ;>

    Thanks so much for the links...much appreciated...I'm linking back to you today, too.

  4. Vee did a fabulous job. Very pretty and it looks perfect on you Lovella!

  5. A great apron, Lovella! And how special to have it custom-made by Vee. Enjoy your treasure!

    I own a handmade one-of-a-kind tea towel...made especially for me by Vee...and it is for decor purposes only (look...but do not touch!). Time and thought...went into our treasures from Vee.

  6. I'll have to enlarge the photos and get busy on one of those aprons - I could use a little help in the bun-making department!

  7. Just perfect for you and I would like some buns about now....

  8. Love the apron..esp the v shape at the bottom. Great gift!

  9. It's lovely, and so are you in it. And I can almost smell those fragrant goodies you baked too.

  10. It's adorable and yes, you look so comfortable and at home in it :-)
    Congratulations on winning this precious gift !

  11. The apron is reaaly cute. I know you love red...but it's the green dress I'm loving. I'm like you, I'd love that dress right now. It probably would still fit us both too. I had to smile at the picture of you at the piano, I have many a snap shot of me with a new dress for a recital or special season. I'm going to watch afew slides again one of these days for a good trip down memory lane. Does the apron you made me help make better paska? The recipe is on the counter for the weekend and my apron will be on. Kathy

  12. I kept waiting for the back know...of the buns with the apron.



  13. How beautifully you wear this lovely apron...but then Vee told me you did!

  14. Cute Apron! Love the comment, "Whip up some buns!" I know how to whip up some pucks! Haha! I also don't know how to bake without making a huge mess. How do you keep your kitchen clean when you cook? Happy Belated Anniversary! Can't wait to get a good look at that new playhouse of yours. That's my kinda holiday'in too!

  15. Well Vee said you looked so cute in your apron...... I must agree. I love the point at the tip..... so sweet..... in your very gorgeous kitchen....

  16. What a pretty apron! You look fantastic. Great job Vee! ps. the buns look yummy :)

  17. Hi Lovella!

    I won one of Vee's marvelous aprons last year and I love it, and wear it all the time as it's very comfortable!

    You're right! When I wear it my buns do come out better than ever!

  18. That Vee is one smart and talented cookie, is she not? :-)

    Aunt Amelia

  19. Lovella,
    Marg says you want to play the alphabet game. The Professor worked his magic random letter maker and came up with K for you!



  20. Cute post. Love the picture of you at the piano. Such fun!


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