it's March 4th honey

I'm smiling at the shadow of my mom ..
taking a picture of her little girl in love with that nice Terry.
She liked him right from the start. He was working at Safeway part time. . while going to high school.
That first summer just after grade nine. .
he secured a few packs of canning lids for her when they were hard to be found.
When he bought his first car. . .that little Capri. .
we rode with the windows down. . the sun roof open and the eight track blaring out tunes of
"the best of bread".
To this day, I can't listen to those songs without melting in a puddle of nostalgia all over again.

I can tell from the shirt I'm wearing (Bootlegger) that this photo must have been my birthday in grade ten.
I surely didn't know then. . that our wedding date and all our anniversaries .. .
would be a week after my 19th birthday.
We were in that stage of love where everything is funny and everything is cute. . .
even matching puka shells.
He was shy. . .I was pretending coy. . .
again. . my mom taking pictures. . .
you did well on this one mom. . .
it captures perfectly how I remember him looking at me. .. .
I still see it now and then.
Happy 31st Anniversary Terry. .
Tomorrow. .for sure .. the apron from Vee ..
All for now. . .with love,


  1. I just love the old photos, Lovella! Happy anniversary to you and Terry, and may you celebrate many, many more together!

    31 years just doesn't seem possible, does it? Our 31-year anniversary is rapidly approaching, too. Wow.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I'd forgotten that your anniversary so closely follows your birthday. Lots of fun all at once!!! Have a very special day together!!!!

  3. You do have a wealth of photographs to illustrate by! They are so fun to see!

    Have a very happy anniversary! (I've come to expect that Terry will have something fun planned so I look forward to learning more about that!)

  4. Oh how fun to have those pictures! Our home burned when I was dating my then future husband so pictures of that time for us are rare! You two are so cute - Happy Anniversary Lovella!

  5. how cute you two ARE and WERE!

    You do know the modern 31st anniversary gift is time pieces. They probably were thinking watches and clocks...and here you go putting your own spin on what a "time piece" could be: The pictures that captured pieces of another time.

    Love the wallpaper...and how you Mom thoughtfully had a batch of cookies in the birthday picture as well. You were baking them for T., right?

    Wonder how many cookie batches have been served up over the years.
    Maybe you should have put a notch on your stove for each one!

  6. Oh Lovella..I smiled all the way through your post..loved it! Pics are great..your Mom was quite handy with the camera too..
    Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple and a happy day of celebrating.

  7. Let's try this again...
    Congratulations! Wow you really do have a lot to celebrate. 31 years is great these days. Love the old photos, so cute!

  8. What a week!
    I really enjoy those old photos - must get my scanner up and running.
    Congratulations on another lovley milestone.

  9. i bet he still looks at you that way.....;-)

  10. Cute as buttons!!

    You have an anniversary and a b-day in the same week. We have valentine's and a b-day in the same week - and a wedding anniversary and Christmas in the same week - we should have planned those celebrations a little better eh?

    Oh well - all the more reason to let the celebrating last longer!

  11. Happy anniversary to you both. Just keep the celebrations going! Great old pic' nice your mom liked keeping memories.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures ... you're still just as cute together.

  13. Happy anniversary Lovella and Terry.

    You were a cute couple then and still are...what a blessing (do you know how rare it is) to have so much of your lives together from such a young age.

    Loved the trip down memory lane...the hairstyles, the clothing, the car, the wallpaper, the brown sofa!!

    Sara from California

  14. Lovella,
    this is the cutest love story, happy anniversary to you both!!! I am such a sucker for romance!!!

  15. Happy 31st Anniversary, Terry & Lovella!

    Love, Kama & family xo:)

  16. That's so cute. I love the romance of now and then. Interesting that your mother was already taking pictures of you way back then.
    Happy Anniversary and keep falling in love all over again.


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