brown and green

Far be it from me to wish for that cute little brown and green apron back. . .

but after taking the picture of the Chocolate Angel Food cake, I thought about how we enjoy putting colors together. . .not only on ourselves, and in our homes but also in our food.

I never took art in school, and have not the foggiest about the color wheel, but I'd put brown and green together. . or across .. whatever the wheel does to impart confidence in choices.

In the meantime. . .I'll be posting the Chocolate Angel Food Cake over on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook ... tomorrow. Today when you go there. . you will find Bev's Pear Spice cake.

One cake a day is enough .. .isn't it?

All for now. . .

with love,


  1. Brown and green. Have you been peeking at my grandson-to-be's nursery? Laura posted photos yesterday of the completed room (take a peek!). I think brown and green will become one of my favorite color combos very soon!

  2. I don't know, Lovella - if I were to be offered two cakes in one day I'd never insult my hostess by refusing - although good sense and my waistline would be protesting.
    Very sweet apron!

  3. So pretty!

    I loved the brown and green combination in the apron from the moment I saw it, but never thought about food color combinations.

    Very fresh and interesting looking, too! Not to mention delicious.

  4. A very yummy color combination for sure! I think blogging brings out the art in you!!

  5. I love brown and green together..the apron is so pretty.

  6. A great pairing of fabrics, Lovella...and very cute apron. Is this one yours to keep? I am planning to try out that pattern sometime.

  7. Brown and green (sage) were the colors of MamaMia's wedding which she celebrated in Flower's September garden.

    I know that blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel. So maybe brown and green are. Even if they're not, they make a perfect couple.

  8. Oh, it looks like we could have posted at least three cakes today!
    I'll be lining up soon too. Were we all celebrating something this past weekend?
    I know this has nothing to do with food, but my newly decorated bathroom is brown and green too! =)

  9. chocolate angel food cake sounds really, really good! Brown and green are such lovely colors!!!

    You will most certainly win the rhubarb contest! :)

  10. I love that colour combination.

    Mmm - pear spice - another sweet combination :) I better check it out!

  11. All of your recipes sound like good ones, especially the spice pear cake. I must try that one.

  12. Hi Lovella,
    Just adore the brown and green apron!! The cake looks so delicious!Thanks for sharing.

  13. Mmmm... That cake was divine! Thanks again for sharing!

  14. Hi - Love your blog. I've nominated you for an award. (this isn't spam) :)


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