in and out

Just a quick note. .

Internet. .is in and out here at the bungalow. .

Me thinks. . .

my computer will be taking a wee sabbatical. .

perhaps it needs a bit of rest. . or a bit of fine tuning. .

I'll be back . .in a day or two ..or a week or two. .who knows.

Or. . this could all resolve itself on its own. I really can't say.

Just wanted you to know why I may not be by to visit your blogs.

Yesterday we had snow. . hail. . .and a speck of sunshine. .

I'm watching the calendar very closely. . .

All for now. ..with love,


  1. Very interesting weather...I know you're looking forward to Spring, but I'm not looking forward to our Summer weather! ;)

    Hopefully your Internet problems will be resolved quickly and painlessly. Sometimes I think that having no Internet access for perhaps a 24-hour period would be a blessing...although initially frustrating!

  2. Hi Lovella - sometimes being disconnected is a bit of a blessing, indeed. On the other hand, selfishly, I hope that your internet problems sort themselves out!

  3. Oh is okay if the internet is down....I am on a 'down' time of my own...busy with life and not so able to 'check in'. But those whom we have met on line are still as close to our hearts as ever. Take care...keep on that search for is there somewhere under the snow,rain, sleet and hail.

  4. Of course we'll miss you Lovella - hope the Internet problem is resolved soon.

    And hope you have a good break in the meantime.

    We are getting some rain today - Yay! melt some of these mounds of snow :)

    PS - if you have me on an RSS feed you may have to resubscribe - some internet problems here as well :)

  5. Nothing wrong with taking a break Lovella..we'll be here when you come back.
    Sometimes I think shutting down the computer for a few days or a week would be a good thing. But can I do it?? lol

  6. Hope your computer heals itself and that a good steady Spring arrives :0)

  7. Thanks for the birthday felicitations! Unreliable internet is frustrating, more so than no internet, because you try and get nothing.

  8. Enjoy your 'unplugged' time...and may all your internet issues be resolved satisfactorily. I am looking at taking a two-week sabbatical from the internet...we'll see how that goes.

  9. I think I agree, that your computer needs a rest. Have a wonderful time letting your computer have a sabbatical.
    I'm hoping you will find the warm sun...It's time to warm up.

  10. It's good to take a break! Sometimes forced breaks are a blessing. Enjoy the smell of those beautiful roses!

  11. This sounds ominous. I hope that you're back just as soon as you want to be! Noooo, that's not quite true. I really want you to be back as soon as I want you to be...tomorrow morning first thing. =D Well, it's the truth.

    Oh, I gave my mother and grandmother the sorrowful news...they took it hard.

  12. Trust your blogging bugs will be over soon. Meanwhile - thank you for the lovely bouquet of flowers to enjoy!

  13. Well, if you actually do have a sabbatical from the internet, one might think of a little vacation at the same time. You certainly would be missed. Your picture is lovely.


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