vintage buttons

Don't you just love when someone has a good idea?
I don't usually even deny that I'll try it too?
They always say that it is a compliment. .
I'll be sewing many more of this apron pattern. . .
I've a few girlfriends left who turn 50 after me.
Every now and then. . .I look through my mom's buttons . ..
mostly loose,
some on cards .. .
all purchased many years ago.
I purchased fabric that a girl born in 1959 could appreciate.
The colors are perfectly vintage.
Do you know why I know that?
The buttons that I sewed on. . .
are a perfect match.
My mom's button selections are still often attached to the original card. .
I always wonder. . did she buy too many. . or were they on a sale she just couldn't walk by?

Did my mom ever imagine her buttons being used in this way?
I doubt it. . .
would she like that her buttons are being used in this way?
She'd be delighted.
Oh and guess what? . . We turned to the clocks to Daylight savings time .. .spring ahead they always say . .Did someone say spring? Never mind that we woke to a skiff of snow. . .
All for now. .with love,


  1. I love buttons, especially vintage ones. I can remember sitting near my mother while she was at her sewing machine, looking through her many canning jars of buttons. There were so many - some I imagined to be diamonds, and others that surely had to be worn by someone famous. My mother never threw away a button...and I keep all of mine, too.

    Someone is going to get a wonderful apron!! I love the colors, and especially those buttons used in that manner!

  2. I just love what you did with your friend's apron! Sometimes I am too reluctant to use my vintage buttons, but they give sooo much joy that I think I'd rather use them and allow someone to enjoy them. And I hope, too, that whenever I pass by the button rack that I won't leave any on it that I simply love even if I can't figure out a use for them right now.

    Paska? Oh boy howdy! It's time for paska again...I love, love, love it, especially the frosting. Oh yum. Doing my paska dance on outta here.

  3. What a great apron and those buttons really set it off nicely! What fun to be using your moms buttons like that. I'll head over to check out your paska (kulich) recipe now :0)

  4. What a great apron...vintage buttons & all! Now that I'm nearing the end of my tea towel supply...I think I will switch to a few 'aprons designed by Vee'.

    Paska...another reminder that spring IS coming! Can you really bake paska on a snowy day, Lovella? It somehow seems wrong. But wrong or not...I'll gladly come for coffee once it's out of the oven.

  5. Lovella..I love your apron! I'm glad that they are making a comeback! Now if only I could sew!
    I love the vintage buttons..have some of those in my button collection.
    Can hardly wait to bake paska, I have your recipe and am ready to go..I want to share with others so it's a perfect reason to start baking early..

  6. Whenever I go to a fabric store I love to stand in the buttons aisle and look at all the beautiful designs! My sister still has all our grandmother's buttons and ribbons and trims; I've got the packets of sewing needles and snaps that must be 40 years old at least. And I still have a felt scissors cover my grandmother made and sent me when I turned 12...that was 46 years ago!

    Your apron is beautiful, I love those fabrics.

  7. I love the apron. Beautiful colours. Snow and Paska, well, okay.

  8. Hello.. what a lovley post and such a beautiful blog, so glad I happened by!! Chrissy

  9. I love the blog. Random thoughts of sewing, mothering, baking. Looks like they all fit into a perfect snow day. Those green colors are truly my favorite.
    I think I was born in 1959? Or was I?

  10. do we have to be fifty to get one....grin

  11. Love your project, I think that I have to sew some aprons, too, so pretty. The fabric and buttons are perfect. I, too, have a collection of my mom's button's, the only difference is her buttons where never pretty ones, always the basic black and grey for pants and shirts. If shirt and pants became quilts, she would always cut the buttons off and save them for another project. So now I have them.

  12. Lovella, I have my grandmother's button box! And it's filled with buttons! Some day I'll do a post on the box. Each button brings back a memory for me.

  13. Button, button, who's got the button? Your blog picture made me think of that.
    Do you know, your blog posts are often like poems. I'm probably the last person to notice that - but better now than never!

  14. Even a girl born in 1969 (me!) could appreciate that fabric! I just absolutely positively love it and am wishing I knew how to sew..

  15. What a sweet apron! And the buttons are perfect.

    I made paska once when I was in Bible College in Manitoba. I seem to recall the recipe took 12 eggs!

    I'm going to pop over and check yours out.


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