what day of the week is it?

You know you are quite relaxed when you wonder why they are giving the weather forecast for Friday and not Thursday .. . we both tried to recall how many nights we had spent here and . . .go figure .. .they were right.

After breakfast .. and resting .. .we drove to Ecola Camera Drop Bluff State Park to the cliffs where we were met with .. . brisk winds.

Now .. if I've told me once. .I've told me a hundred times. . keep that little camera wrist rope around my wrist .. As I was turning the camera to do some quick photos with us in the foreground. . . .and haystack way in the mist in the background. . .I dropped my little Cannon .. not my big one mind you .. I wouldn't even talk about that ..

I picked it up ..and sure enough the lens was stuck .. .so I pushed and pressed and squeezed the new crack shut. . and when that didn't work, I forced it shut.

We came back to the little house where I loaded up the few pictures I had taken up there .. and sensing my reluctance to take it out on further walks .. it agreed to continue to work . ..a bit. Never mind that I mouthed to my beloved. . ."tax free camera's in Portland".

In the afternoon we grabbed the faithful little Cannon .. .(since the mists were thick and looking still thicker out towards the ocean) .. and we headed back to the beach . .for a .. beach stroll. The wind was a pinch cold so we turned towards the little cottages and walked through the quaint little side streets ..

I love those shingled houses. . I want one on the farm .. how far do you have to live from the ocean to have a shingled house do you figure? Maybe I should set to work this summer and shingle our bungalow. . I plan to recruit my daughter by love .. .after all. .school will be out mid June .. .and I need to be creative as to how I will retain my Tuesday grammie day . .

I digress .. .

Cooking in this little house. .is a major fascination for me. . .I have no idea why. Perhaps it is because I have an audience. .always close by. . . I do know that the tomato soup and grilled cheese tasted quite scrumptious after that cold cliff walk in the morning.

Little kids keep running by the little house wearing flip flops and shorts because it is spring break. They make us smile. . . .I continue to wear my sherpa. .it's my year of Jubilee and I would rather be comfy than cute . .

All for now. .with love,


  1. You're definitely cute! as well as comfy.

    Cooking in that little place would be like playing house.

    Love the picture of camp blogger.

    fun times!

  2. It looks like you're having way too much fun, despite dropping the camera!

    I once tried to pass off my brand-new Pentax to Doc while we were at Epcot, and the camera took off skittering across the pavement, suffering a broken flash cover and a major crack, but it continued to operate faithfully. (Funny, the same thing happened with Laura's new Canon as we passed through customs on a return Bahamas cruise, but hers never worked again...there is definitely a reason for that nifty little wrist strap.)

  3. Oh my! Dear is always saying to wrap that thing around my wrist so I won't drop it. I did drop it on a hardwood floor and the lens stuck but it finally closed and then worked ok. That happened a year ago...
    Your pictures are fun. Glad you are relaxing enough not to know what day of the week it is...

  4. What a nice way to be cozy in your wee house away from home with the weather as brisk as it has been and soup and grilled sandwiches to warm up with. You make me want one of those!

    My beloved is forever reminding me to wear the wrist guard when taking pics. I find this somewhat annoying, but will try to use your excellent bad example to go by in the future. Hope that the little camera continues to work right along with nary a hiccup. Well, unless you really do want a duty-free camera.

  5. Hi Lovella
    I'm enjoying your playing-house posts. Of course everything is more fun in a playhouse!
    Lovely that you have come to the stage where time has become irrelevant - you are now beginning to truly relax and be on holiday.

  6. Cooking in a trailer is the best! I can't figure out why, but whenever I am in a trailer I just love to cook three meals a day and a snack of two to boot.

    My biggest dread about replacing the little digital camera is knowing that in the few years I've had mine (like three...) they have come up with so many more features and my brain isn't up to all that learning all over again.

    I had a shingled art studio in our garden. LOVED it. Maybe instead of shingling your whole bungalow, you just need to create a shingled craft/tea/guest room a few steps away from your house!

  7. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, sounds yummy Lovella..comfort food for sure!
    I loved cooking in my 'playhouse'..and that is where I concocted many new recipes! grin

  8. I love that you are enjoying the coast there...for how long Lovella? I just got two days...two lousy days but the Pacific and I are as one...it matters NOT how long...but that I WAS there! Cold up north here though....looks like you had a bit of a mix of weather too. I love the pics. Just got home so I will work my way back through your posts. Ta....

  9. I love that you have to ask what day of the week it is . . . and you're not even dealing with a different time zone.
    Too bad about the camera. I ned to remember that wrist band too. Mine's going to end up in some soup one of these days.

  10. Isn't Haystack Rock lovely? I attended a Woman's Retreat in Cannon Beach last Spring....that time it was clear and sunny. You just never know here in Oregon. You know what they say,"If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes and maybe you might like it then". I hope the time doesn't go by too quickly and you and your husband make many memories.

    Stay Cozy & warm,

  11. Oh dear! I thought you'd lost the camera over the edge!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  12. What a surprise to see your last few days of pictures. You're in my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  13. Yum...tomato soup and grilled cheese is perfect for such a day!

    I've taken to heart your wonderful advice about small plates and slow, tiny bites. I already knew about this advice and had been sort of running it through my head for a couple of weeks now, but you helped me really start to DO it - so thank you!

  14. A cozy place to stay, a fun person to be with, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and Cannon Beach, what could be better. Hope that you enjoy each moment. Thanks again for the pictures.

  15. So funny, Lovella. I was holding my camera yesterday and then consciously slipped the wrist strap on thinking how sorry I would be if ever I forgot and the camera fell !! I'm so glad your camera didn't fall over the cliff!!
    You are having too much fun - smile - this COULD become a habit!!

  16. Cannon Beach!! One of our favorite stops on the Oregon coast. Lovely photos. Enjoy your vacation time, every single minute!


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