all in a days work play

Everyone together now. . .one more day. .."we can do it!!!". .

In the meantime. . .

Stuart fixed my computer. .

He worked on it at drop off. . .and at pick up ..

a half hour in the morning. . and an hour at pick up.

Quite a lucrative playing with grandgirlie "job" I have.

Oh. . .and fantastic news. ..

I'm accomplishing a task here and there during nap time.

With one day to go ...I'm thinking pink for .. tomorrow.

This morning. . I'm packing away winter cloths. .

and in the afternoon .. .taking a drive out to the lil' farm hands house. .
he'll be happy to see me. .
but not near as happy as I will be to see him.
All for now. . .with love,


  1. Oh Lovella...that is a beautiful piece of handiwork. And the colours are making me feel hopeful of spring. Wow...during naps you can get that kind of thing done? You must be sleep walking...grin....oh I get it...the grandkids naptime! HA! No really, wonderful work there ...Happy almost spring...we need sunshine..thanks for providing the beauty in your blog

  2. The apron is beautiful! I love the fabric!

    I'm looking forward to spending time with my little grandbaby...we're anxiously waiting for that call!

  3. Such a happy apron! Those colors will brighten the day!

  4. Wow! Look at you go on those aprons! Very colorful and cheery. I don't even think we have such fascinating color combinations in my fabric store and I certainly wish that we did. Hmmm, perhaps the quilting store.

    Yay for smart computer geek sons who know how to fix stuff. My go-to person is my niece. I don't know how I'd keep stuff running without her.

  5. Lovely work Lovella!
    And kudos to Stuart for keeping you with us in cyberspace!

  6. My know how to make things happen! Another lovely apron...and you say it's all child's play? Good job.

  7. Such pink prettiness happening here! Beautiful. Enjoy your day!!

  8. Such a pretty and spring-timey apron.

    It's raining here today - Yay! We're finally getting rid of the old snow - it's so dirty this time of year. I'll be glad to see it disappear.

  9. Well you'll have to enter Debbies Pink Saturday. But those colors are absolutely delightful, full of spring and energy...
    One more sleep and all will be fine...

  10. That is one gorgeous apron Lovella!

  11. I love the apron...and I can imagine the fun to create and bring this project together...thanks for sharing the post.

  12. Oh what a colourful, cheery apron...sure would make some of those kitchen chores a little more pleasureable.


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