Happy Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox has at last arrived.

Your Latin lesson for today ..

vernal means. .. .of or occurring in spring [Latin ver spring]

equinox means .. . Either of the two times during a year when the sun crosses the celestial equator and when the length of day and night are approximately equal; the vernal equinox or the autumnal equinox

So .. there you go .. vaguely speaking .. it is spring.

It is not uncommon for folks from Canada to venture south during the winter months. . .
and spring here . ..generally refers to.. . springs of water . .from the heavens.
While the springs from heaven do much for the greening of the earth ..
they are useful for little else .. aside from our water tables.
I've booked the next few weeks off for my yearly sabbatical.
We just may go and camp in our back yard. . .

The camping gear and all my necessities are packed to leave on a moments notice.

The bed is made and already turned down. ..

I have the pantry packed with camping food. . .

We've been perusing maps. . .looking towards the south. .

We have our farm sitters ready to come. . . and they are prepared to sit a spell. .
so. . .maybe. . .just maybe. .
on my year of Jubilee . .we'll throw caution to the wind. .
and go camping . . sometime in these next few weeks. .
I feel the need to take a break from the computer. . .and do some reading. .
if you blog. . you can relate.
Everyone needs a break . ..enjoy yours. . .
I'll be back . .. refreshed. . .and ready to share. .
All for now. . with love,


  1. You are right. We all need a break from various routines every now and then. My blogging has certainly dropped off, especially since I seem to have a paint brush permanently embedded in my hand.

    Enjoy your Spring days (ours feel like Summer already), and when you and your beloved take off in your home away from home, relax and enjoy and just soak in God's marvelous creation! (But please don't disappear completely from blogging...you are a bright spot in many a person's day!)

  2. Sounds like my kind of adventure :) Enjoy your sabbatical. Camping in the back yard...with the right company...you bet!

  3. Have a wonderful time!! it sounds so fun! Enjoy your blogging break -- I do hope you'll tell us about your journey when you're back.

    I LOVE your new pink apron!!!

  4. Off you go! And have fun, fun, fun. Hope that you find some warmth and lots of spring where you land. Enjoy those books!

  5. Enjoy your adenture...in your new playhouse...and may you have sunshine and blue skies wherever you roam (at least a little)!

    I never really thought of yeast as a camping food. Are you planning to put your 'playhouse' oven to the test?

  6. Eqinox..do you know that you can stand an egg on it's end today? Just take an egg out of your egg carton and try it. I just tried it and it really works!
    Your travel plans sound so fun Lovella!

  7. As much as I hope you find sunshine in Oregon, I can't help but also hope that you get to see a bit of storm as well. The Oregon coast in stormy weather is just spectacular!

    Your playhouse looks perfect for a cozy couple to enjoy wherever you go.

  8. Enjoy your time away...
    I'm waiting for the sun to come so that we can all share it after a cold winter.....
    Enjoy, relax and sail away in your new adventure.

  9. Camping in March ~ now that sounds like fun!

    and Maeve Binchy along for the trip.

    Double fun!

  10. My first thoughs were that I was feeling sorry for you that you have to go camping in this weather. Then I realized that your playhouse is there for keeps and that you'll be going again ... many times over . .. so enjoy whatever you meet up with . . . enjoy the little oven . . . and taking fresh bread out for lunch . . . enjoy reading ... walks ... and time away from the computer. We'll miss you, but we'll still be there when you get back.

  11. refresh, renew, restore!
    we all need it.
    so glad you can do that for a while!
    be safe and happy what ever you do.

  12. Ohh .. I do hope that you enjoy your camping get-away ! I know you will...
    We'll miss you of course! but you'll be back...
    May the Lord protect you on your travels and grant you the blessings of His creation!!

    I KNOW you will have good company in your playhouse! smile..

  13. I do hope you have a wonderful time away. Should you like, if you're down this way in Oregon ~ perhaps we could meet up. BTW, I love the quilt in your photos. Is it handmade by you?

  14. Happy Trails to you....

    wait a second, since when is yeast 'camping food'!
    That'd be camping Lovella Style!! Love it :)

  15. All those points on the Oregon map lead to places of most awesome delight! Favorite yearly treks of our family as well -- Manzanita with an awesome knitting shop; Rockaway Beach with miles of sandy beach; Tillamook with air museum and cheese factories and the best tea room in the world! Down to Depoe Bay --- favorite spot! And keep going --- Bandon Beach --- the very best!

    Enjoy your trip! Are those NEW books by Maeve? Oh, I hope you say YES!

    :) LaTaDah

  16. Have a wonderful time...be richly blessed....but make sure to come back, because I will miss you.

    Happy spring dear Lovella!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  17. Have a safe happy trip and bring home the sunshine

  18. It sounds wonderful. I see you got the new Maeve Binchy...


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