time and thought . . .

It occurred to me as I thought about all the kindness shown to me ..
as I celebrated my jubilee . . .that the two things that make me feel the most special...
were given to me repeatedly. . through out the whole week.

Those of you .. that joined in the birthday party fun by celebrating my jubilee on your blog . .

I want to say Thank you!!!. . . it meant so much to me.
Many of you, hunted down a picture to post .. .
and then said such kind and affirming words that made me blush .. .and cry and smile.
I felt as though you understood my heart in a way that I almost feel ill equipped to explain.

On Sunday, we spent the day with our family.

We started with lunch at our house . ..
an afternoon filled with wee ones . ..hugs and giggles.

The grand girlie had worked tirelessly making a garden stone .. .

her hand print and name will grace the entrance to my garden. . .a gift of time and thoughtfulness. . .that I'll cherish.

In the evening, we went out for dinner. . .just the grown-ups. .

a bit of time to relax and talk ..

and then came back to our house for dessert.
The lil' farm hand. . . had stood stoically beside his mommy while she baked not one dessert ..
but two ..
an investment of time .. . delicious time.

Monday I had the privilege of having high tea at Tracycakes.. .
my first ever high tea. . .and it was worth the wait.
The food was wonderful, the atmosphere. . so girly. .
but it was that they chose to spend time with me. . that was most special.
On Monday evening. ..

we were delighted to be invited to Richard and Dorothy's up at Sweet Dreams.

Dorothy spent oodles of time making a wonderful dinner.

Todd and Nancy and little Ethan ( who we affectionately call our young friends) were there too.
What a great time we had all together. .
so blessed we are. ..

They spent time and thought. . .making the evening so very special.

On Thursday. . .Kathy and I had intended to spend the whole day together. .

but alas. . .the snow. . .stormed and so we rain checked that plan for the future. .

a time that I look very forward too.

Menfolk aren't so easily deterred by whiteouts. . and in the evening we went to their home and had dinner which . . .again. .

was fantastic. . .and took time.

Kathy baked a cake. . .complete with chocolate L's and plenty of 50's . . .just in case I had forgotten. . .

What a treasure, to have friends that make time. . .for friends.

Something else, that I must mention. . .is the gifts and cards.

I won't go into great detail. .

but lets just say. .


searching for the right gift and the right card. .

takes time and thought.

I was touched by the sentiment of each gift . .the special words in each card.

Each person that popped by. . each person thought of something that would make me smile. . .
gave the gift of time and thought.

A gift need not be costly. .though I suspect there was a good deal of cost involved with many of the gifts. .. it truly is the thought behind each gift that
makes it received with appreciation.

On Friday night. . .
my Auntie Betty and Uncle John hosted a dinner in my honour.
The wonderful meal was served with such love. .
and a Napoleon torte. .which she knows I love, ended the meal perfectly.

On Saturday morning. . the UPS truck rolled up. . and
dropped off yet one more gift.
Jill from Salt Lake City .. sent me a CD called "the year of jubilee". .
how incredibly thoughtful is that?

I did have a good laugh at the card that accompanied the gift.
Two cats. . her and I. .
Oh Jill. ..she makes us smile, doesn't she?
I've had no small chore. . trying repeatedly to convnice the grands. .those are cats. .
That card has been handled. . with little fingerprints. . and the woof woofs are most sincere.

So. . today. .the princess crown is officially set aside.
We have cousin camp here today. .
My beloved thought that he might spend the afternoon power washing. .
but I looked at him with pleading eyes. .
and asked for yet one more gift of time.

So. .if you drive by. . you just might see the two of us. .
running across the field. . .spending time. .
with those two precious . ..
wee ones. .

It is all of you .. that have demonstrated the thoughtfulness of giving time.
We live in a fast paced society. . .rushing here and hurrying there.
For many of you .. .sacrificing the time that you shared because you knew it meant so much to me was not a small thing. How can I thank you for that?

When your next opportunity comes to give something special. .
take it from one who knows. .
give your time.
God has blessed me with such lovely friends. . .and a family who I hold dear.
I felt God's grace on my life this week. . .it fell like a fresh spring rain. .

Tomorrow. . the apron that Vee sent. OOOPS. .edit that to be on Thursday. .good grief. . I nearly forgotton something rather important.
All for now. .
with love,


  1. Are you still celebrating?

    I think you've started a trend!

  2. Gifts of time and thought are indeed so precious, but that's just a little something in exchange for all the love and care you show your friends and family.

    How wonderful to extend your jubilee this way. I acknowledged the day of my jubilee (as Doc & I returned from a trip through the mountains in a snowstorm) and then quickly ignored it the day after.

  3. Wow...so much celebrating...what a fun week! Oh and how I wanted to zoom in on those yummy looking desserts! :)

  4. Oh you've had a wonderful week and I know that the celebrating continues...perhaps not on the same scale or intensity, but because you know how to find joy even in the simple things.

    You have been so blessed with wonderful family members and amazing friends.

    Enjoy Cousin Camp today...sounds as if it will be fun for the entire group if Grandpa takes off a little time to frolic, too.

    (I've never made it to High Tea either; it's on my bucket list. ;> )

  5. i am grateful that you feel so blessed.....you are loved!

  6. Sounds like a fabulous "birth-week"...a good reminder to celebrate life and each other. Have a wonderful day with those kiddies...a celebration of a different sort no doubt.

  7. Oh what fun fun fun! I'm so glad you are able to celebrate in grand and bitty ways...

  8. Now that is what I call celebrating Lovella! How grand..now why would people dread the number 50 right?
    Loved your post, I could feel the love..may the celebrating continue in your year of Jubilee..
    Cousin camp..what fun!

  9. I am deeply concerned about your grandkittens.

    If all they know about is "woof woof", then perhaps the rat infestation makes sense after all.

    This is not good.
    Not good at all.

  10. Hmmm, I think I know what your love language is :)

  11. "Woof woof?"

    Missy L., perhaps your li'l tykes are too much under the influence of that doggie Tobee. Methinks you need a cat (or two) to teach them all about cat-speak.

    Perhaps Tiggie and Hart and I should pay you a visit...or perhaps not. I think we've all traveled too much lately.


  12. A wonderful post...of an event well celebrated! And you highlighted what matters most once again.

    Have a fun day romping in the field with the grands.

  13. bLovella, it was so much fun to celebrate with you. We definitely enjoy the time we get to spend with you, whether its for celebrations or not ... you have a gift for making people feel special with your time and thoughts. Here's to many more celebrations, whether official or not!

  14. What a beautiful post - full of love and thankfulness.

    And you have so many golden memories tucked away.

    And more to come!

    I'm glad it was such a sweet time.

  15. Lovella, you hit it right on. Time...Yesterday I made a call, and the friend on the other end said, "Never to busy to talk to a friend."
    That's warm and reassuring that friendships are treasured so dearly even in the smallest ways.
    Each day is a treasure.

  16. I love your thoughtfulness in taking the time to share this all with us....wonderful celebrations underlining once again what joy you bring into the lives of others.

  17. First, many congratulations on your wonderful week of celebrations. Your many desserts and pastries have caused my mistress to start rummaging through her cupboards for something sweet to eat. But she tells me that somehow, chocolate cookies from the store are simply not satisfying.

    Second, Tiggie, Hart and Smokey have alerted me to a lack in your beautiful grandchildrens' education...perhaps they might benefit from a little session in front of the computer looking at our blogs?

    I did notice, however, looking at those cats on the card...their beautiful pointy cat ears are covered up by wigs, perhaps that was the problem all along...the wee tykes simply did not recognize them.

    With purrs from Miss Kitty

  18. Time & thought are what you give to your readership (almost) everyday - so it seems appropriate that you would feel most blessed by having that returned!
    You are truly loved & appreciated by so many. It speaks volumes about you!!
    Never stop celebrating, Lovella!!!


  19. what fun to hear and see all your celebrations!!!! They looked wonderful. as you know from my blog, my family loves celebrations too -- just those kind! (such good food and teas, and plays, and dinners....!!!)

  20. Such showers of love you have been given. We enjoyed hving you for supper and I too lookd forward to the rain check....no rain please! Kathy

  21. What is so special is that you appreciate your friendships. To have friends yous must be a friend! - that is true indeed! So happy for you!!!!

  22. What a wonderful celebration! You will start something - it's a great idea.
    Time and thought - the greatest gifts that friends can give you on your birthday - and lovely that those were the very gifts you loved to receive!

  23. Time and thought are my love languages. Especially time. I'm so happy that you were lavished with these. Obviously you are a treasure to many and this makes you a very wealthy girl. Take it from someone who's ahead by 6 - we still get to be girls :)


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