the farmer and his wife go to the city

Yesterday we bid the hens toodaloo. . .and told them to be on their best behaviour for the farmer-for-the-day.

I took my notebook along on our little anniversary getaway this year.

Truth be told .. I hadn't ever taken it off the farmyard and really had no clue about the wireless details.

Once in our room .. .I set straight away to set up office. . .as a good blogger will be known to do.

I thought perhaps the wireless thing that I see advertised here and there would miraculously come to life up in on the 16th floor but the dreaded "unable to connect page" showed instead.

I called down to the desk. . .and asked if I might be able to connect to wireless Internet Please. .

The gracious girl said "of course. . .it is already there" . . ."simply accept the hotel option"

I looked at the phone. . .looked at the phone buttons .. and then thought . .

Oh she must mean on the TV. . because they sure do appreciate
quick check out options being utilized that way ..

So .. .I asked. . ."On the TV?"

And again the very gracious .. .girl downstairs .. .said . ."no . . right on your computer"

I said .. "but I can't connect on the internet .. that is why I'm calling you"

She said .. "just click on the icon"

Okeey dokey .. .look for the icon

this farm girl. . .found the icon. .

Aren't we all lucky?

We had a lovely lunch at the Cactus Club.
We walked around the city awhile. . the sun was out and the crocuses and daffodils are in full bloom.

Last evening as I wrote this . I was watching the clock ..

I have a date .. .

Having a lovely time. . . thank you very much!

We will be back at the farm .. soon .. .very soon. . . .girls .. go ahead and lay your egg.

All for now . . .with love,


  1. How nice! That big city photo (last one) certainly looks out of place on your blog, but it is a great photo (as are the Tiffany photos...)!

    Enjoy your special time away! I'm afraid we'll be celebrating our anniversary torn between completing the remodeling and wanting to hop in the car to head north to see our grandbaby.

  2. But I have to wonder:
    (sing along...)

    How will you keep her down on the farm, once she's seen Tiffany's?

    Great city scape photo! Wireless in a fancy metropolitan hotel: you are living in the land of urban chic. You go girl!

  3. How exciting!!! I'm sure you're having a wonderful time!!

    I was visiting a friend last night and she was telling me that she was listening to Moody Radio over the weekend and they had a women's call-in show in which people were calling in their favorite blogs/websites. Guess what one lady called in to say?! Mennonite Girls Can Cook!!!! Isn't that fun!

  4. For my 50th birthday, (just a few years ago!), a dear friend bought me the Tiffany's bracelet. It is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry.

    What a wonderful getaway for you both!

  5. How special....I can't wait to hear more.

  6. Oh looks like so much fun! You even got a little Tiffany surprise. Very nice. Enjoy...
    Love the reflections on the building...

  7. So fun to get away. I am glad I got away to the city when I was home visiting last May. Even went to Cactus Club and ate outside on the patio. Sure miss that city. It is so beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your time and do share more about Tiffany's!!

  8. Oh Lovella looks like a wonderful time in the big city..

  9. Oh you are having a lot of fun - enjoy! Great little gift from your dearly beloved too.

    I'm glad you found the icon! Reading your little monologue about it, I just know I'd have done the same thing...if I had a laptop and were looking for the wireless connection, clueless as I so often am!

  10. Oh I knew that he'd have a plan that wonderful man you married! Have a blast! Beautiful city photo, btw. And you look so sophisticated sitting there behind your laptop.

  11. I love those city get-aways! Have a wonderful time...and we'll talk once you're back in the country.

    I can so identify with trying to hook up with Wi-Fi. It usually takes me several attempts.

  12. OH fun!!

    and Tiffany too :)

    Love that last picture.

  13. What a wonderful birthday celebration{s} you have had - Enjoy the beautiful weather in a fabulous city!
    xo, *S

  14. Oh, I must ask...what city is that looks very wonderful....what a lovely time to get away and do something special!

  15. Sounds like fun, and I'm surprised that you get to take along your notebook. On my last getaway I even forgot my camera.....
    Tiffany's is special...
    Enjoy yet another blessed year.
    You deserve the best of the city.

  16. That's certainly my most favorites colour of blue too!

  17. Lovely getaway! I have to laugh because I am writing this comment from my computer in a hotel where the other two, the men, are also on line. All of us wireless.

  18. Happy, happy, happy anniversary!!!!!


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