Friday, July 30, 2010

warm summer evenings

My friend Dorothy is heading the Hepburn Saskatchewan tomorrow for a reunion.
We celebrated her excitement and wondered together what had changed in Hepburn Saskatchewan since she was last here.  If you are from those parts. . .do tell.

Most evenings now I'm posting from the tent.
I'm getting grief from my boys for not answering my phone.
They wonder why I don't answer and forget that it was the two of them that installed speakers for us to listen to hits from our dating years .. .all evening long.

Summer is short . .
so we cram all we can in.
I refuse to believe it is the end of July.
Warm summer days filled with all the things I love most about summer.
Warm summer evenings with the moon coming up over the mountain and our tent lights and garden lights make this our favorite place in the world right now.
I am happy and content.
I can not imagine what else I need.
We have a dinner invitation and a wedding to look forward to this weekend. .
Did I mention I'm a happy girl?

All for now. .
with love,

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

storytime in the park

On Wednesdays we have Ken come and do our eggs for us and so we often head out for a breakfast date.
We took two vehicles since he had a date with the Merc after breakfast at the wheel alignment professionals and I had ideas of my own.
He went his way and I made a quick phone call over to grandgirlies house to see if she would be available for a date at the park .. she was.
So .. we set off her and I hand in hand.
The playground was still relatively peaceful upon our arrival but soon we noticed that it was the place to be.
I overheard one mommy mentioning to her wee one that they needed to go register.
I enquired what they might be registering for.
It seems that on occasion the local early development people in the neighborhood set up story time in the park.
I wasn't sure if grammies were allowed to register their grands and so I asked and found it to be a register whoever you want type of event.
We sat together at story time her and I.
We participated in the parachute toss and stood in line for the free snack of a juice box and nutrigrain bar.
We sang camp songs. .
and at the end of the story time in the park ..
we were quite delighted at the offer of a free book.
Upon perusing the first few pages she announced. . ."I love ants" which I smiled since her daddy does not.
We walked back  to her house hand in hand ...her book under her arm.
I went home then. . happy with my blessing of the day.

In the evening we sat in our tent. .he and I. . chatting about our darling grands. .and how they make us smile.
I brought my notebook out to the tent to tell this story to you. .
checked my emails and comments from the day . .
and then I saw it. . .
a comment  on my post from yesterday . .
someone who regularly visits my blog. She had been there at the park and saw the two of us.
How very sweet of her to mention it .. I do wish we had met.

I had wondered in the morning if I wanted to come home after breakfast and get some housework done . .
but I sensed God's nudge in taking a little girl to the park.
I almost missed it . .and though I would have gotten that housework done and ahead on various projects I  would have never known what blessings God had all ready for me.

All for now.  .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

plum eating etiquette

We are taking regular strolls to the way back to pick a plum or three.
I've observed in the circle I hang out with recently. .
that plum juices are particularly acceptable running down my chin.
I've even seen the pick the plum and take one bite and feed the birds program implemented and then repeated.
Rules tend to be a bit loosey goosey  . .. .
here lately . . .
but the ones that I hang out with . . .
are not overly concerned with etiquette.

All for now. . .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Summer is definitely here.
We are enjoying the best of the best with those we love.
Some favorite summer sippers . ..
while we sit around the baby  "cool".
 (I love it when grandgirlie means to say pool. . but always says cool.  It makes me laugh every time.)

Is anything fantastic happening in your summer?
Is there something that gives you a chuckle?
Do share . .

all for now . .
with love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wee Break

 I'll be back.. .I really will!

All for now ..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kanneloni Macaroni's Sweet Shoppe

Every girl should have  a fruit loop necklace to nibble on for her birthday ..
don't you think?

Her great Oma ...
who loves her so came to the party.

Every party needs a bit of hopping about. . .

I just had to smile every time she had to stand back up again.

She started out so clean. .
and as the party progressed ..
her sparkly  1 lost some of it's bright sparkle.

She divvied up the rollkuchen. . . .

 ..and the lollipop cookies that her mommy made.

She enjoyed a bit of watermelon with her rollkuchen.

Little kids were strewn about. ..
partaking in birthday sweets.

It was a kids dream come true.
The sweet shoppe was open for business .

Big people and little people all partied.

She had a closer look at the cake her mommy designed for the sweet shoppe theme.

Her Omi.

She passed out her Sweet Shoppe cake.

Her Opa offered her horsey rides.

She demonstrated her brand new candle blowing out technique.

The birthday girl got a bit sleepy.

The sweet shoppe closed.
The party eventually petered out ..
and off they went. .
each with their new toothbrush .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Could you bring the rollkuchen to Kanneloni Macaroni's party?

Truth be told. .
I'd fry all day and all night for that girlie.
It's near bedtime as I post. . .and I've been on the go all day. . .
and all evening. .
I really planned to post Kanneloni Macaroni's  Sweet Shop 1st birthday party ..
but. .
this grammie is too tuckered out to do it justice tonight. . .
so I'll just wet your appetite and promise you more tomorrow.

All for now. . .


Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Miss Muffet

We've been waiting for little miss muffet to arrive. . .
and she did. .
on saturday evening. . .
without causing much of a ruckus at all.
She's a darling healthy little baby girl. . .
weighing in at 8 pounds.. . .
and 4 ounces.

We've cuddled a wee bit. .
and she is home and enjoying the attention of her big sister.

We thank the Lord for this tremendous blessing.
Little  miss muffet. . .
we love you!

Let's review.  ..
first came Grandgirlie  and then 11 days later. . .
Lil' Farm Hand and his little sister. .Kanneloni Macaroni who just had her first birthday ...
and now ..
Grandgirlies little sister .. .Little Miss Muffet. .
FOUR. . . four grandbabies. ..

Woo hoo. . .

All for now ..
with love,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Going to Vancouver these days with road construction from here to there . .
 is not for the people with no patience.
We were on a date.  .
and so we had plenty of  . . ..

time. . .time  . ..time.  .

Don't you just love it when you think the same?
Sometimes we test it out. .
just to see if we're on the same page. . .

We were ..
and it was mighty tasty.

Our current favorite walk around the city is to coal harbour . ..

where we enjoyed a birds eye view of the fish man . .
doing amazing filleting of the freshest salmon in town.

From there.  .
we took a very large shortcut from one side of Stanley Park to the other . .
via Lost Lagoon.

It's always nice to see patience even in the Lost Lagoon water park.

The tide was out in English Bay.

After a walk up Robson  we took a right on Granville over the bridge.

And . ..
this is where a girl goes to wet her whistle ..
and have a little dinner and dessert. .
before taking the seabus back to the other side.

I have no idea how many kilometers we walked.

We were not in a hurry . .
nor out to make it a day of exercise . .
but rather. .
we just enjoyed time.

Time is free.  ..and the most valuable all at the same time.

All for now . .

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kanneloni Macaroni turns ONE

About six months ago I found a crazy good  once-in-a-lifetime deal.
The box was damaged but the innards were as good as new once Grampa did his tinkering.
It's been stowed away in the shop over the winter and on Tuesday afternoon . .
Grampa wrapped it up ..
and declared it time for delivery.

The appropriate pose for the picture was done. .
and then the lil farm hand proceeded to assist with the gift.

She would have been happy with the card and was more than happy to share her present.
It's a good thing too . ..since it is the perfect gift for him    her.

Grandpa and Daddy did their best to set it all up . .
while the playing began whilst the set up was still in process.

The most exciting thing about the whole store ..
was the cash register.  .
complete with a credit card.
I can imagine that my french fries and donuts which were displayed for my perusal will be going up in price ..
and now I'll likely need to show up there with fake money in my pocket.

I'm glad we named her Kanneloni Macaroni for her blog name.
It suits her perfectly.
She indeed found her way to her grandpa's softest part of his heart right beside his pasta.

Happy Birthday to our baby grandgirlie.
We love you so much!

All for now ..
with love,