when the parents show up at your party

Yesterday as we drove out to Harrison Lake with our little picnic I had a bit of a sudden memory flood.
I started to chuckle and then asked my beloved if anything about what we were about to do seemed familiar to him.
When we were a young couple raising our little boys. .
we often planned camping trips or day trips with our friends.
I never quite got why on occasion my parents would suddenly be there. .
just for a bit.
Yesterday. . .we were my parents. . just for a bit.
It is so fun .. .seeing your kids have fun, whether they be 1  2  or 30.
I get it now.
We watched the dad's build huge water reservoirs .. .

and then we watched the whole row of kids. . .
stand firm in their footing when the dam gave way.
The  dad's rebuilt. .
and the kids patiently waited for the dam destruction once again.

We had of course eaten our little picnic first at the other end of the strip ..
and then watched as they at their picnic. .
and then we left them to continue on with their friends. .
and we happily went back to our spot on the beach to wait for our own friends.

It was a very good day.. .
morning. . .
noon. . .
and night.

All for now. .


  1. Hi - I want to compliment you on your blog. Your header is one of the best - it's so beautiful of the mountains. I'll look forward to checking out your recipes-but for some reason today I looked at the pictures of your home decorated at Christmas. I really enjoyed the tour. You are so lucky to live in BC. It's my home province but I live on a farm in Alberta now.

  2. Isn't it interesting when we figure out something like this only because we've reached an age where we can "get it." It looks as if all generations had a wonderful day!

  3. Beach party crashers! What a fun day.

  4. Family fun! Terrific! Love, love, love Harrison Lake - took our kids there too when we visited Chilliwack.

  5. What a great place to spend the day...and watch...and enjoy!

    I'm smiling as I recall my parents showing up at our campsite when we were camping with friends...and not quite 'getting it' back in the day. We get it now!

  6. How wonderful that you feel the freedom to show up at your kids parties. What an honor.
    There is no place like Harrison.

  7. Lovely. Looks like a great getaway and come together :0)
    Fun photos and that last one is a beauty.

  8. what a perfect day it was to do that . . . crash a party on the beach and then go and enjoy your own.

  9. I must admit, you handled it all graciously. We find ourselves asking ourselves some of those same questions. How did we become them so quickly? Thanks for the smile today.

  10. Oh, how I wish I could do the same thing with mine! It looks like you all had a good time - and you've ensured that the next generation will have the kind of memories you and your children did.
    That header is stunning!


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