oma's birthday party

Our whole family celebrated Oma's birthday yesterday.
We had brunch.. .
and cake . . .
and outdoor games.

The  party officially ended when naps began. .
and yet. .
there are always those that find a bed  at grammies house. .
and linger awhile longer.

It is days like these. .
that could go on and on forever.

At the end of the day . . .
I run to the computer.  .
and look at the day's catch . . .
and smile at which moments in time . .
the camera's eye was able to hold still forever.
One day I'll be the Oma. . .
and I'll look back at the memories we made with our family.
There will never be one day that will have been too much work.  .
not one.

All for now . .


  1. Hmmm, must not understand the concept of "Oma." Does that mean great-grandmother? Sweet photos and I'm especially fond of the one with you snatching a hug.

  2. Love the grammie hug picture! So sweet!
    What a lovely way to celebrate an Oma.

  3. Yes Vee. .Oma is a Mennonite Great Grandma.

  4. Great photos of a very special event! Didn't realize the Mennonites call the great grandmother 'Oma'. In our German cultural background, grandma is the Oma and great grandma is the Ur-Oma! Interesting!

  5. Yes, I would agree with Karin, Oma is a grandmother. Must be just the tradition in your family, Lovella : )

  6. Wonderful! Love the hugging photo!!

  7. You can be an Oma anytime Lovella...It has nothing to do with age....but I know what you mean.
    I never knew that Oma was for Great Grandma...maybe I'm ahead of my time.
    Some great memories.

  8. It looks like Oma's birthday was well-celebrated. How fun to share a birthday with our neighbouring country! I think the hugs are more meaningful than the fireworks...for sure.

  9. You call her Oma, we call her Gigi, but either way we know how very special these dear ladies are, and what they mean to all the ages. Your photography is exceptional as you captured treasured "moments".

  10. Grab those moments with both hands, Lovella - they're all precious! It looks like you had a grand time.

  11. What a perfect day. Looks like you enjoyed some sweet time together. Kathy


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