warm summer evenings

My friend Dorothy is heading the Hepburn Saskatchewan tomorrow for a reunion.
We celebrated her excitement and wondered together what had changed in Hepburn Saskatchewan since she was last here.  If you are from those parts. . .do tell.

Most evenings now I'm posting from the tent.
I'm getting grief from my boys for not answering my phone.
They wonder why I don't answer and forget that it was the two of them that installed speakers for us to listen to hits from our dating years .. .all evening long.

Summer is short . .
so we cram all we can in.
I refuse to believe it is the end of July.
Warm summer days filled with all the things I love most about summer.
Warm summer evenings with the moon coming up over the mountain and our tent lights and garden lights make this our favorite place in the world right now.
I am happy and content.
I can not imagine what else I need.
We have a dinner invitation and a wedding to look forward to this weekend. .
Did I mention I'm a happy girl?

All for now. .
with love,

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  1. The gift that keeps on giving, that is what your tent is. The tiny lights and piped in music make the perfect summer happening. Simple joys are the best. Sure sounds like fun to me.

  2. Contentment is a very good thing. These evenings have just been perfect for sitting outside! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What - no mosquitoes??? You are truly blessed!

  4. Your summer sounds like ours. It took a while before we were able to enjoy evenings outside, but once summer settled in we settled outside. We have three weddings to go to in the next two months - it must be the time of life!

  5. Contentment is a precious gift that comes when we begin to count our blessings. Have a great weekend! Oh.. and maybe you'll just have to tell your kids that they can reach you on your gmail... while you listen to Neil Diamond...in your tent.

  6. I always think of you as a happy girl. You have many more summer nights to spend in the tent so keep right on enjoying time spent there. Have a great time out tonight and a great time at the wedding.

  7. I'm enjoying summer right along with you. But I think we could use a tent and maybe some twinkly lights. Surely they are on sale by now :)

    Have fun this weekend!

  8. SHhhh, maybe if we ignore the calendar, time will stand still?! We too have been completely enjoying summer - well this week particularily - course is over! So, please don't mention anything past July. In Au... there are two more courses waiting for me. So say the dates very quietly. :)

  9. I'm just checking up on you...over there in your tent. Enjoy...summer alays goes way too quickly!

    And how was the wedding? Send me a report.

  10. Well, I'm from Hepburn and I must say our little village has been buzzing all weekend as the Hepburn MB Church celebrated 100 years. I can't say that I met your friend, Dorothy but perhaps she was in my back yard as our yard was one that was on the garden tour. Hepburn is still a small village (almost town status) where one waves to everyone that drives by, looks out for your neighbour's kids as well as your own and many a "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" recipe may be swapped on the post office steps! Make sure you ask Dorothy if she
    picked up a cookbook at the celebration. I'm looking forward this week to trying many more fantastic recipes! Karen


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