plum eating etiquette

We are taking regular strolls to the way back to pick a plum or three.
I've observed in the circle I hang out with recently. .
that plum juices are particularly acceptable running down my chin.
I've even seen the pick the plum and take one bite and feed the birds program implemented and then repeated.
Rules tend to be a bit loosey goosey  . .. .
here lately . . .
but the ones that I hang out with . . .
are not overly concerned with etiquette.

All for now. . .


  1. Nice photo. Plums are soooo good and juicy. It's amazing how you can eat them and they drip. But oh so good.

  2. I like the sound of the crowd you're hanging out with!

  3. Are those growing in your own yard? Blessed you. You must be getting ready to be busy in the kitchen with your mother-in-love. Feeding them to the birds is such a generous thing to do.

  4. Nothing like sweet plum juice running down your chin :) except maybe watermelon. I can remember pushing my whole face into one when I was a kid - then having seed spitting contests of course!

    Read your brother's blog Lovella and wanted you to know I'm praying. It brought back a lot of memories - my mom had MS.

  5. Plums warm from the tree: the best! We have a plum tree in front of the school. The plums are tiny, the size of very large cherries. I pop on in my mouth whole, suck out the fruit, then disgard the skin and seed. Branches with the plums included are in a desk bouquet along with lavender wands.

  6. The ones you hang out with are ones that porobably look very cute with juices dripping down their chins.
    I also looked at your brother's blog. May God continue to give him hope and grant success in the treatments.

  7. Ahh yes...loosey goosey is good for the soul here and there...

  8. Those are the best sort of etiquette rules...particularly for eating ripe juicy plums! Particularly in the crowd you hang out with these days...

    They sure do look delicious, and ripe from the tree, how delightful, instead of picked green and brought to the supermarket. You are blessed!

  9. Lately I have been hanging out with the same type of crowd, and it brings smiles out for me quite often. I would love some plum trees though, and a bit of juice running down my chin:) Cute post!

  10. Your posts always make me smile. I saw you at the park today and was so tempted to get my camera and ask for a photo with you, inspired by your posts awhile back which included pictures of celebrities you had run into. Did you ever think you would reach celebrity status? That strangers would see you in the park and have their hearts race as they thought "oh-my-goodness-there-is-Lovella"? Well... you're there! :)


  11. I wish I had a plum tree in my back yard! There's nothing like plums...fresh off the tree. As far as plum eating etiquette goes...loosey goosey is good.


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