One minute in our backyard

Enjoying a bit of summertime. . .loving every bit of it. . .feeling very blessed. 

All for now. . .


  1. You are so fortunate. What a gift. I can't imagine how many special times you will create for your family in this new addition. It is a cozy, useful addition to an already gorgeous back yard area. It ties in perfectly with your deck. Have fun!

  2. What a lovely backyard...with real grass and beautiful landscaping! Thanks for inviting us in...

  3. Lucky you with no sprinkling ban... a minute (or hour) in our back yard consists of Rick walking around with the hose & watering wand in his hand.
    Isn't it wonderful that summer has finally arrived?!

  4. One minute in your backyard...looks fabulous. How about a give-away...the winner gets one minute in your backyard?

    I noticed the background music!

  5. You have a beautiful yard....I love it!

  6. Lovin' summertime here too.
    Beautiful yard.

  7. You have such a beautiful back yard. I come from the Philippines and we usually don't have back yards here--we have front yards--so this video is such a treat! Thanks for sharing. :)


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